24 March 2011

Science Fair at School

Tonight was a great night, a science fair that my 9 year old didn't want to go. I knew he would get something out of it, so after days of him asking to get out of it and "mom do we really have to" in which I ignored after a while. I told him we said we are going & we are going. So we go and guess what after the first experiment he was hooked. Seee I told him science can be entertaining. He knew most of the kids there which made him even more happy. By the tine it was all over --8 experiments in all he turned to and said he was so glad he went and YES I was right about this event. Some that we loved were the Hard boiled egg thru a glass jar using hot & cold temps, Lots of dry ice and bubbles & 7 layers of liquid density.

Yes he can be taught!!!!

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