29 April 2011

Royal Wedding 2011: Prince William and Kate Middleton Hit Palace to Party All Night After Balcony Kiss - ABC News

Royal Wedding 2011: Prince William and Kate Middleton Hit Palace to Party All Night After Balcony Kiss - ABC News

Disney Vinlymation goes into Space

A long standing tradition of taking mementos into space that started in 1961 with NASA astronaut Lt. Col. Virgil Ivan “Gus” Grissom,  when he took a roll of dimes has now included Disney's Vinylmation. These cute little figures have now been to space and back on the Shuttle Atlantis. The hope is when they come back from Space and are put on display the story of where they have been and what they represent will inspire new Space Explorers. WOW


The DisneyWonder sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge in San ... on Twitpic

From your #1 fan

This photo is so grand, The Disney Wonder going under the bridge and if you were lucky enough to be on it must have felt so awesome to look up and see it.
I can only imagine as most of Disney Fans do..

The #DisneyWonder sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge in San ... on Twitpic

27 April 2011

Pirates THE FIRST Day of filming

So cool, he is so cool Captain Sparrow --check out this video for all you fans..


Star Wars Weekends RETURN

Dis Fact :  The first time Star Tours opened was in Disneyland was January 9, 1987.

Now Star Tours is re-opening in WDW in Florida to much anticipated Wait, with a new story and C-3PO returning to be our guide. Anthony Daniels is the only actor to be involved in each Star Wars project, he is the voice of C-3PO after all. And don't forget the Jedi training Academy for those Padawan's 12 and under.

25 April 2011

New Twists at Disney's Haunted Mansion

For the longest time the Haunted Mansion has been one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. But year after year we would ride it thinking wouldn't it be great to maybe make it more scarier? Do they have the technology to make it scarier? Well finally Yes, they do.
It comes at one of our favorite parts of the ride, at the end when the ghosts actually appear to be joining you in the doom buggy. But,what if they could actually jump in the doom buggy with you, Or at least make it feel like they were. I was so glad to hear the technology had come along for them to make the ghosts seem more real. And not by projecting them as they have done in the past, but by making sculptured heads and by adding new costumes, making the ghosts appear more life-like. These more intricate, detailed sculptures added to the depth the ghosts have needed in order to appear more real. Now imagine these new updated ghosts with lips and eyelids. The Disney Imagineers have brought the hitchhiking ghosts to life, so they are now able to interact with the guests.

I also cannot wait to go and experience the updates in the queue. The Haunted Mansion being one of the most popular rides at Disney World has traditionally had very long wait times and this will make the wait time seem to go faster.
First, the queue line has been moved to enjoy a better view of riverboat and the river. Second, a new cemetery, and an interactive organ that guests can touch were added along the way. Third, there are also playing instruments on the side of a crypt. These are only some of the new & exciting things added along the way inside, I don't want to give it  all away.

Please, Let me know if anyone has been on it since the changes. Thanks.


Check out the video for more details.

23 April 2011

Disney Pictures

Happy Easter to ALL

I want to say a Happy Easter to everyone. It is one of my favorite time of year because of the feeling it brings. The spirit of Spring comes with Easter.

19 April 2011

11 April 2011

New Castle @ FantasyLand

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Set to open In 2012- who wants to wait that long??
MY FAVORITE MOVIE TO BOOT- I just can't wait to see Beast's Castle. That has to be some of the most exciting news to come out of Disney since a new Pirate movie was being written.Wait there's more.
An enhanced version of Goofy's Barnstorming,(my mom's scared of this ride) Dumbo and Under the sea, starring The Little Mermaid, my daughter's favorite Princess plus a Rail ride from the Seven dwarfs..
This is going to double the size of Fantasy Land...


07 April 2011

Something to do on A Disney Cruise

From hanging out with Captain Hook,to becoming a pirate yourself, swimming in a pool shaped like Mickey and even a Toy Story show. Who wouldn't enjoy that? When we went I can't rave enough about the great service and great food, even room service brought us giant cookies and warm milk. Just remember to bring all necessary toiletries they are quite expensive on the boat. Sailing on the Magic with Goofy hangin' out back..


The train @ Epcot -in front of Germany

My children love this every time we go to Epcot, we spend a good amount of time following it and running around the fence. Check out this cool up close.


Tips for traveling with kids-CONTEST

Enter there contest...

http://sweeps.cntraveler.com/Essential tip-For Trips with Kids

E=Easy Eats, things to curb those hunger pains all kids get.
S=silence with toys. Bring their favorites.
S=Slinky-everybody loves slinky
E=Explain how long it takes to get there by saying it takes 3 hours that's 6 Disney Junior shows.
N=Niece or Nephew could help with providing a companion for your child.
T=Total silence if they bring their I-Pod
I=Interesting books to read or create
L=love of looking out the window, make it game, write down or takes pictures of things you see that no one else does.
These are some of my tips for the car or the plane. thanks..& enjoy..

05 April 2011

African Cats

I love these beautiful animals-Just look how we can enjoy them and help them..


Mysterious Fog @Disney

These pictures are amazing, they really give the feeling of stillness and tranquility at the Park. I can just imagine being there and walking around each country.


04 April 2011

More needs to be done

About 3 months ago a young boy in our area committed suicide, It is unimaginable what this family has been going through. I can only imagine since I have 2 young children myself and life without them would be unimaginable. The young man, named Kameron was bullied. This is such an ongoing problem and I know the schools are doing information programs at school, but that's only a part solution. The bullying just continues the next day. Kids don't realize the consequences. MY son too has been bullied a lot this year and it breaks your heart because you can't protect them in school. That's the schools job to protect them while they are there.

So I say to all the parents the change needs to start at home, talking to your kids, question them, bug them if you have too (in a funny way) so they don't clam up. But TALK to your kids even if you don't think your kid is being bullied or just
Maybe you are the parent of the one doing the bullying..
Please check out the memorial held for him on what would have been his 15th birthday..


01 April 2011

Animal Planet Gulf Oil Spill

I thought it was important to get an update on the gulf spill. We care about the environment & all the things in it.

Animal Planet Gulf Oil Spill
thanks for your support...

Hidden Mickeys

Always a challenge to find them, but if you have the book you won't beleive where they have hidden them. And better yet you won't miss any. This does take extra time all the hunting so plan accordingly. Some of the rides may have to be ridden several times to see all the Mickey's. We tried this at Magic Kingdom on Snow White, very well hidden Mickey's in there and it's dark..Look fast while on some of the rides, you may miss the ears..

Bronx Zoo Cobra May Be Caught, But Merchandising Continues « CBS New York

Bronx Zoo Cobra May Be Caught, But Merchandising Continues « CBS New York

Another Disney Discount

Another great reason to go beside Flower & Garden Show