25 April 2011

New Twists at Disney's Haunted Mansion

For the longest time the Haunted Mansion has been one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. But year after year we would ride it thinking wouldn't it be great to maybe make it more scarier? Do they have the technology to make it scarier? Well finally Yes, they do.
It comes at one of our favorite parts of the ride, at the end when the ghosts actually appear to be joining you in the doom buggy. But,what if they could actually jump in the doom buggy with you, Or at least make it feel like they were. I was so glad to hear the technology had come along for them to make the ghosts seem more real. And not by projecting them as they have done in the past, but by making sculptured heads and by adding new costumes, making the ghosts appear more life-like. These more intricate, detailed sculptures added to the depth the ghosts have needed in order to appear more real. Now imagine these new updated ghosts with lips and eyelids. The Disney Imagineers have brought the hitchhiking ghosts to life, so they are now able to interact with the guests.

I also cannot wait to go and experience the updates in the queue. The Haunted Mansion being one of the most popular rides at Disney World has traditionally had very long wait times and this will make the wait time seem to go faster.
First, the queue line has been moved to enjoy a better view of riverboat and the river. Second, a new cemetery, and an interactive organ that guests can touch were added along the way. Third, there are also playing instruments on the side of a crypt. These are only some of the new & exciting things added along the way inside, I don't want to give it  all away.

Please, Let me know if anyone has been on it since the changes. Thanks.


Check out the video for more details.

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