04 April 2011

More needs to be done

About 3 months ago a young boy in our area committed suicide, It is unimaginable what this family has been going through. I can only imagine since I have 2 young children myself and life without them would be unimaginable. The young man, named Kameron was bullied. This is such an ongoing problem and I know the schools are doing information programs at school, but that's only a part solution. The bullying just continues the next day. Kids don't realize the consequences. MY son too has been bullied a lot this year and it breaks your heart because you can't protect them in school. That's the schools job to protect them while they are there.

So I say to all the parents the change needs to start at home, talking to your kids, question them, bug them if you have too (in a funny way) so they don't clam up. But TALK to your kids even if you don't think your kid is being bullied or just
Maybe you are the parent of the one doing the bullying..
Please check out the memorial held for him on what would have been his 15th birthday..


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