07 April 2011

Tips for traveling with kids-CONTEST

Enter there contest...

http://sweeps.cntraveler.com/Essential tip-For Trips with Kids

E=Easy Eats, things to curb those hunger pains all kids get.
S=silence with toys. Bring their favorites.
S=Slinky-everybody loves slinky
E=Explain how long it takes to get there by saying it takes 3 hours that's 6 Disney Junior shows.
N=Niece or Nephew could help with providing a companion for your child.
T=Total silence if they bring their I-Pod
I=Interesting books to read or create
L=love of looking out the window, make it game, write down or takes pictures of things you see that no one else does.
These are some of my tips for the car or the plane. thanks..& enjoy..

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