25 May 2011

Disney without Kids? To do or do not?

After Space Ship Earth
We used to go all the time before we had kids and it was fun. We could sleep late, stay up late, go on any ride without a debate and most important we were able to go to Pleasure Island -well back when PI had clubs--and have a good time and not worry about anything. We had the bus to take us back to our resort and not think about driving.

But now I can't imagine going without our kids, we all have to much fun and I would have big time guilt telling them where I was going and saying your not coming too. It would be too hard to disappoint them because we are a Disney crazed family, we all love it so much and have the best time, every time. Every year we try and make our stay a little longer than the past one. Now that my kids are a little older they can go on more rides with us or by themselves.
And getting all the family photos with the characters would not be the same with just the 2 of us. So I don't think I would do it, unless it was a weekend trip or something short like that.
It's the reason we bring other family members with us so if we go to the Food & Wine at Epcot, we can have a good time and they can go off and do something else while we enjoy our wine. My kids find the World Showcase very boring except Norway of course. While we find all the countries great and like to take our time going around each, it becomes the question of the moment about when are we getting to Test Track or Soarin'
That's what makes Disney World so grand, there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.

One of our favorite Rides!!
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