27 May 2011

King of Pixar-John Lasseter

He is the King, Look at all his Cool Stuff

A Day With John Lasseter, King of Pixar

Being the huge Disney fans we in this house, always wanted Pixar to become part of the Disney family and when they finally did we cheered. Can you even imagine working at the Pixar studios, it looks like so much fun. Every picture I see of that place they are always goofing around and having fun in the hallway. Playing around and enjoying what life has to offer. Because if your going to work you have to enjoy and love what you do. And I think from everything I have read and seen they do, there. I mean I would try except for the fact I live on the other side of the country but if the right offer you never know. 

On January 24, 2006 Disney agrees to buy Pixar. It was completed on May 5, 2006 and became part of the Disney family. How lucky is he to have started right out of college at Disney. Some of his directing talents are Toy Story & Cars. We love all Pixar movies and cannot decide which is our favorite. Cars 2 coming out next month will be the studios 12th flick. But here are some..

Mine is Toy Story

Grandma-Finding Nemo

Dad-The Incredibles

A-Monsters, Inc.


What's Yours?

At Hollywood Studios!

Where is my Super Suit?



Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal Magazine

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