27 May 2011

Many Whale Sharks Gather in Mexico

I love Whale Sharks, I find them fascinating. In this article many have gathered in one place making this a most unusual sight. I have recently seen them this past February at the Georgia Aquarium, they are so big in size yet move so gracefully and slow. They have 3 Whale Sharks and the size of them in the biggest tank I have ever seen would scare me if they came close to me, You can swim with these gentle giants if you wish at the aquarium or even ride in a boat in their tank and they will come close to you . They are just as curious about us as we are about them. They eat only tiny plankton, shrimp really, for an animal so large. They can range anywhere from 14 feet long to the 41 foot one, which was the largest one every recorded. http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/. Please visit the Ga. Aquarium's site for more info. These beautiful animals do need our protection.

Whale Shark

Looking up at them


Has anyone been to the Georgia Aquarium???

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