15 May 2011

What is Your Favorite Pixar Movie and Why??

In honor of the new Cars 2 movie coming out soon, I wanted to featured some Pixar movies and get opinions/comments from other Disney fanatics like myself. Do you have a favorite scene in the movie?

My favorite, (OK it is hard to choose) is Monster's Inc. Not only do I think it is the funniest with Mike, Sully, Boo, Randall, Roz, Celia, Mr. Waternoose but this is a funny story about how we were all scared of monsters hiding in our rooms while we were sleeping.
Little did we know they were scared of us kids.
And the one scene I can't help but laugh hysterically at every time is at the beginning --
Mr. Bile is it, my friends call me Flem. Can anyone tell Mr. Bile's big mistake? .. What's the worst mistake any employee can make? You left the door open to the human world and a child could walk right into the monster world. And There's nothing more toxic or deadly than a child. One touch could kill you..


  1. Its hard to choose but Wall-E is my favorite. I saw it on a day when I really needed something to make me feel better and it did. My favorite scene is when Wall-E brings EVE into his home and shows her all of his trinkets. So cute.

  2. Thank you for your comment Dis on Wheels. I love that movie too. Wall-E is such a special character, he is so caring.