30 June 2011

REview of "Cars 2" Video game for PS3

My kids love this video game.  It starts out where you choose a C.H.R.O.M.E. mission and the race begins. Up to 4 people can play. All the characters from the movie are available to play but you have to earn some them as you go. Mater and Lightning McQueen are available you don't have to earn them..

Abby said "She likes going on the missions, they are really fun" 
 My favorite part is the battle racing. I like battle racing because when you ram into question mark you get this power where you can shoot bullets at the other cars that you are racing against. You can also shoot black blobs at the other car to make them slip and get off the course.

Liam said "Like Abby, I like the battle race the most because it's really fun and I like when the cars get blown into the sky when a car shoots the rockets at one of the cars they are racing against."

There you have it folks --5 STARS for the "Cars 2" video game.

Has anyone else played it????    Comments Welcome Here!!!!


Blog HOP Thursday-Under The Sea

Welcome to the Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Lisa at Babes In DisneyLand.

Since today's Blog Hop is about Under The Sea, I decided to do something different.  Not about The Little Mermaid but more a about the Sea itself. I love using the pictures to tell the story. 
If this is your first visit here welcome and those who have been here before, welcome back. 
Thanks for stopping by.

Palm Trees and The Grand Floridian
 I thought this picture reminded me of the way the seas can be rough from a summer storm. We were on the boat heading back to our resort and the wind was kicking and the sea waves were rough, well for Disney anyway. LOL. But you can tell by the palm trees moving and the dark sky's above a storm was a coming.

We are prepared for the storm

 I thought this picture at Downtown Disney by the Lego store also reminded me of the Sea. With the giant Dragon in the back-round what more would be part of the sea than a big dragon coming out to get us. I was thinking more of the Lochness Monster who sinks boats and they wind up under the sea.

And of course the sailboat as we come out of the Maelstrom.

The Maelstrom has long been know for destroying ships and sinking them under the sea. This ride unlike the a real Maelstrom is one of our favorites and parts of throw you around the boat so you feel like your in a sea storm, kinda like the real thing. LOL. But in the end it's so much fun, I love this sailboat and dock area when you come out of the ride, I feel like I survived the rough sea and lived to tell about it.

29 June 2011

Jedi Mouseketeer: Johnny Depp Plays Guitar with Alice Cooper! (video...

Jedi Mouseketeer: Johnny Depp Plays Guitar with Alice Cooper! (video...: "Alice Cooper was more than a little impressed by his special guest guitarist at London’s 100 Club on Sunday night. Cooper introduced Johnny..."

Courtesy of Jedi Mouseketeer-- Aljon Go

28 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday--BLOG HOP

Donald Duck makes me mad..

An Autograph and A Picture

We waited on line to see Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy for a picture and an autograph at Animal Kingdom. They were back near the theater by The Lion King show. The lines were long for Mickey and Minnie so we decided to skip them for the moment and go to Donald. I never laughed so hard as to when we got our turn to see Donald. He teased my son by putting his hand on his head and messing up his hair. Need less to say my little man didn't appreciate it and got mad. Check the picture.
We got his autograph under protest and then the rest of the gangs. WE got everyone's autograph after being a little patient and letting the lines thin out.

Goofy Makes us smile

MY favorite sign when coming into the Park

Bottom line he didn't want anything to do with Donald, never mind a picture or an autograph.

Images: Baby Turtles At Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Photos - WESH Orlando

 So far this year there have been 380 loggerhead sea turtle nests on the 7-km beach at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

Images: Baby Turtles At Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Photos - WESH Orlando

They are so cute and the way they survive the whole ordeal is amazing.

27 June 2011

Making Disney Cake POPS


Just like the ones that are being sold at Starbucks, you can make Disney Character Cake POPs. They look and taste like truffles on a stick. I can only speak from experience about the ones at Starbucks the chocolate ones were the best, the strawberry ones were OK.

The Disney ones look so cute, they would be great for any party especially a summer one. There are a lot of steps, all 16 in total for Stitch and it does look like a bit of work to make them. There are also Mickey, Minnie and Winnie-the-Pooh, Mrs. Potts, & Mr. Potato Head too.

If you make these cool cake pops, leave me some magical comments.


A HIDDEN MICKEY at my Library

I recently was at our local library and saw this in the window. It just goes to show you Mickey is everywhere and since I'm  a huge Disney Fan I was very pleased to see it. This was my Hidden Mickey Moment for it was the last place I expected to see Mickey.

It is weird how just the little things make us happy. And just the fact that Mickey was being used to promote Volunteerism was a great feeling. What other cause could be so wonderful as helping people. Mickey Mouse was helping the cause of saving lives in the Fire Department 
and EMT. 

The picture does look vintage, there was not date on it. 

If you have seen a similar picture and know the date, I would love to know how old it is??

25 June 2011

Saturday Blog Hop About Me

OK, a little about me. You either know me by DFM (my initials), Mouse Fan Diane because I love THE MOUSE or CanDoItMOM which I explain later.

I am a very proud mom of two, my girl Abby and my boy Liam; Married to my best friend, Bill. It was our love of Disney from the very start that we had in common, we both wanted to work for Disney in some way we didn't care what it was, we haven't managed it yet but you never know.
As soon as I discovered WDW it became the one thing I enjoy more than anything. And going to Walt Disney World as much as possible is always on my mind, which I'm sure most of you know about me. It is what I have always called the "HAPPY" place and for a good reason because, I can forget the outside world and focus on family and fun.

I picked the name of my blog because I thought it fit perfectly. I wear many hats as a mom and sometimes I don't know how I get it done everyday. Wife, mother, care taker, shopper, chauffeur, maid, referee, cook, writer and gardener just to name a few. So I thought about it and came up with the Can do it mom because I can do it all, somehow. I don't know how, I just do it, maybe because I'm the first one up -(sometimes) Oh yeah this probably should be on my list too, I'm not a morning person, never have been. That's another story. But usually I am the last one to bed every night..

Me & Liam
 Five Quick Get to Know "Me" Facts:
  1. I love animals, I would empty the shelters if I could.
  2. Most relaxing place for me is at the beach.
  3. I love Candy, all kinds, especially chocolate.
  4. I love Beer, mostly Imports. Wine has always given me a headache but, I do drink it sometimes.
  5. I love Eighties music, especially Bon Jovi.
That is a quick run down there is a lot to say, but it is a busy Saturday. 

We like Beer, I mean the Adults

My Girl.
My BFF as Pirate Goofy.

Thanks for stopping by :-) Mouse Fan Diane.

And I would like to thank Disney Bird, Brittiany for the inspiration, checkout her blog too.

23 June 2011

Blog HOP Thursday--Magical Moments

Monkey see, Monkey do

This truly was  a magical moment because these 3 are cousins and they get along so well that we have Disney World to thank for that. It is our tradition to meet every year in Disney World to see each other.

This funny picture of the 3 amigos is taken on the bus to Animal Kingdom.  As you can see they are doing hear, sight and talk imitation. We did not tell them to do that, they did it on their own. lol.

Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny
 What could be more Magical than meeting the Easter Bunny and his wife. I know I was probably more excited than the kids when I saw them. At there age to have met the Easter Bunny, that was only in my dreams and yet Disney makes dreams come true. They were right at the entrance to Magic Kingdom and this is one of my favorite moments in all of our trips.
Same monkey's
They love to pose these 3, I guess that's because we asked and they stopped for about 30 seconds. But what they don't realize is how we adults treasure these memories and we have to get them on film. As the kids grow up and don't act silly anymore we will have our Disney trips Magical Memories always.
I love this shoot with Expedition Everest in the back round.

Thanks for stopping by on the Hop and don't forget to visit the other Blogs.

Thanks to our HOST 

22 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

After a long day and night at Magic Kingdom, my kids were done. I think this picture was taken around 1 in the morning when we were on our way back to the room. It is amazing that when the parks have extra magic hours, we love to take advantage of them.

My husband and I have always been night owls so staying up late is no problem but for my son that's not the case. He is our Morning Person. My daughter looks a little Starry eyed too..
I laugh every time I see this photo and remember that night. I'm especially grateful for the stroller that night...

I Can't Have A girl's PINATA at my Party especially Princess Ariel!

Over the last couple of months we have been trying to decide where to have my sons birthday party. He is born in December and after an ice storm that made us cancel it took 6 months, (yes I said 6) to decide the where and what and who. He had gone to a Indoor sports arena party and really liked it, we were hopeful for that. It would have been so easy just right down the street, you could invite up to 18 friends. Pretty cool I thought  but once he heard about Laser Tag that's all he wanted. Just one problem it's not anywhere around here. We could drive a little to a place that had it. But,  I didn't want to ask parents to drive 45 minutes or longer. So the months keep going by and the last thing I wanted was 15 or so 9 year old's in my house during the Winter. Being the busy family we are months went by and the end of school was fast approaching so we finally agreed to have it at home. There would be a Slip-N-Slide and Dad would set off a bunch of model rockets. 
I decided to add one more thing to our fun time a Pinata. But not just any pinata my daughter's Little Mermaid, Princess Ariel one that she kept in great condition in her room. Unfortunately, she has grown up and to my horror she decided it is no longer cool to like the Princesses.  LOL. Ariel was her favorite and decided everything had to be Princess Ariel. I reluctantly agreed her brother could have it  knowing it would be demolished by him and his friends.
While planning the details of his party I was told by him, he could not have a girl's pinata at his party the guys would make fun of him. I told him no one wanted it and I would probably give it away to someone who still like Ariel.  He changed his mind when he thought it would be cool to beat and destroy it on one condition, that he could change the picture. So I said what are you going to do and he said where are the markers. Anyway you have to see the pictures to see the change to poor Ariel...

The pinata had a lot of candy in it and it was enjoyed by all. 

Mustache for Ariel and Flounder

Hit that Pinata, there's candy in there

Your Turn

Keep Trying to get that candy

Homemade Cookie Cake


Birthday Boy enjoying his DAY!

20 June 2011

Magical Place Memories

I want to live here.

 It is absolutely true I would love to live in this castle and feel like a Princess. Just the experience of eating at Cinderella's Royal Table for lunch or dinner is a great experience. From the moment you walk into the castle and walk up the narrow spiral stairs to the beautiful dining room, the cast members make you feel like royalty and the food is great too!

I thought since it's the Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop, he should be here.
 The topiary during the Flower and Garden Show in Epcot is one of my most favorite things to visit. I would love to take some of them home and put them in my garden. I always thought what a fun job to create these masterpieces every year; I would love to be a part of that team.

My cuties
 These are my cuties and we have made it a tradition to go every year as they grow. I love all the pictures we have in Toontown since that part of the Magic Kingdom is changing so much. I'm so glad we have  a lot of memories of Goofy's Barnstorming, The Judge's Tent where we first meet Mickey and the absolute cuteness of Minnie's House. They love to ham it up..

Perfect view from the Monorail.

I just wanted to share a few of our favorites moments captured on film. Our pictures mean so much to us because they capture the Disney fun times. From the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, the camera is going.  So this way when we get home we can look back and remember the moments. One of the most amazing things is putting them on the big screen TV and having a Disney sideshow. The monorail hands down is our family's must do. For the last 8 years, our son has insisted we ride it around the Seven Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake Loop and then he discovered if we change monorails we can take an even longer ride to Epcot.
We always ask the cast members if they are going to expand it. Of course we want it to go everywhere we go around Disney.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and  my memories...

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16 June 2011

It's All About Family at Disney

So exciting, we had a pool table in our room.
Family is what's it's all about, that is one thing I have learned over the years.  Making more memories with my family is something I really enjoy and when we go to Walt Disney World that is what happens. 
As soon as we start to plan our trip we invite the whole extended family to come along with us. Once, we get everyone on board our first priority is to decide, what park do we go to first? Usually it's Magic Kingdom and it's because most of our favorite {TOP 5} rides/attractions are there--Space Mountain, Laugh Floor, Splash Mountain, PhilharMagic and the Carousel of Progress. Then we choose the other parks based on how late they close and the attractions.
There is nothing more exciting then planning a trip to WDW. As the date approaches and the final week before the trip arrives, each day of that week gets more exciting until the day we arrive at Disney (Uncontrollable Excitement). I remember on our last  trip we all ran down the hallway at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (and it was a long hallway, we were the last room) to get to our room because some of family had already arrived. We also couldn't wait to see the pool table in our room, we had read about it and it seemed unbelievable till we saw it. Very COOL!!
Our trip last year was definitely not long enough and we are now planning our next for hopefully in the Fall.

Bill & Lee waiting outside Boma

Here are some pictures of the hundreds we took.

You guys are great!
See this snake, I won it.
We went at night this time.

Goofy Kids!

That special Disney touch!

15 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What A Cute Group!

This had to be the best family vacation, yet. It takes a miracle to get everyone's schedule right in order to pull it off but, with a little planning we did it. Our family had come from New York, Georgia and Southern Florida to make it. There were 11 of us all together and we stayed at a three bedroom villa in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I was able to get the kids to stop for  one moment to take this picture outside the Norway Pavilion. This is where one of our most favorite rides is The Maelstrom and we never miss it.

13 June 2011

Remembering The Rose and Crown at Epcot

After reading about some of the food at The Rose and Crown Pub,in United Kingdom at Epcot's World Showcase, I was thinking of our trip last March to Walt Disney World. We pick a different country to eat from on each visit. So far we have dined in Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Canada and most recently the United Kingdom. Its now in our top 3 from this list, with Germany YaY (Oktoberfest) and Canada (Le Cellier) with the best steak ever, OK that's another story.

The interesting part of the article was about the food there and in particular a burger on the menu. The writer described a burger, and it is something I would definitely go back to Rose and Crown to try.  It is usually our family tradition to try a different restaurant on each trip, some times if we are staying long enough we can hit two restaurants. Still thinking about how I really want to try that burger, The Doncaster, it is described as  8 ounces of Angus beef, topped with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and horseradish cream.  Sounds good, right? But, it also sounds not to good for the diet. Knowing what I know I would still try it after reading about it, the Doncaster gets a good review.

I love Tick Tock

Big Beer Selection at Raglan Road

Captain Hook at Epcot

We already knew how great the beer was at Rose and Crown, it was always one of our stops on our way around the World Showcase. Some of our favorites are included here like Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s. We always stop in the UK to get a pint but, had never eaten there.  Last year that all changed when our whole (extended) family, all 11 of us, ate at the Rose and Crown and we loved it. Our food was great and we got to see the fireworks while still there finishing dinner. As we crowded around the back of the outside seating area of the restaurant the other guests were gracious enough to let us stand with them and look out over the water to watch the show. It was a spectacular location from which to watch Illuminations, our timing for dinner could not have been better.

One meal we really enjoyed was the traditional Fish 'N' Chips. They were fantastic and so was the meat & cheese platter (I don't remember the real name of it), it even went over big with the kids. The only complaint we had was the wait for the table, even with our reservation, we waited an hour or so to be seated, not great when we were starving after a whole day at Epcot!

Even though Raglan Road, the Irish Pub at Downtown Disney, is often compared to the Rose and Crown, we do not like it as much (though my husband says the beer selection at Raglan Road can not be beat). The entertainment is one of our favorites though and can't be beat, the whole family loved it, it just pulls you in and makes you feel happy. The traditional Irish music provided by a live band is fantastic. It is the feeling of it being live and you can watch and hear it while you're enjoying your meal and family.  In addition to the Irish music, the dancing is fantastic, my children love running up to the stage to watch, this is a great show too. And the restaurant itself is so beautiful inside. But with all that said, we still like the food better at Rose and Crown.

12 June 2011

Blackbeard the Pirate: His Early IEDs Made Him a True Terrorist - ABC News

Most amazing find

Yes like Walt, I too am fascinated by Pirates and I mean the ones that pillaged and plunder in the early 1700's or so and it is that fascination that I loved the ride (Pirates of the Caribbean) at Walt Disney World and then of course the movies starring Johnny Depp.

Yes that is the anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge, AKA Blackbeard's ship. What I didn't know was that he stole it from the French and renamed it that. The anchor weighs 3,000 pounds and has sat at the bottom of the ocean since 1718.The wreck lay just off the coast of North Carolina. That is amazing because he was so close to our shores, sailing from NC to the Caribbean. It is fascinating to find out what else is down there. The recovery team said they recovered more than 250,000 artifacts since 1996. as they find out more about the ammunition he used glass, lead shot and nails were used to fire out of cannons. These techniques can be traced back to ancient times, Blackbeard may be ruthless but was not stupid, he knew how to fight and do it well.
But to compare him to a terrorist maybe going too far. Yes he bullied other merchants into giving up their ships but that was a smart move indeed. Why would he sink it when it was worth more money above the water than below it. He knew that would not be of most profit to him.
Blackbeard's real name Edward Teach or Edward Thatch.
Born in Bristol, England in 1680.

A tall man with thick black hair & beard which he braided and put burning wicks in it to give him that devilish look.
He commanded 4 ships and had 300 other pirates in his crew.

Blackbeard the Pirate: His Early IEDs Made Him a True Terrorist - ABC News

11 June 2011

HGTV's New Show on Disney Yards

My Yard

This is so cool

Best Idea
 I think these pictures say it all, HGTV's new show about Disney Fans changing their back yards into some Disney magic right at home. I mean every time we leave the parks we want to take some of the magic with us, Right?
I think that is why I buy so many souvenirs...
This show follows a few families who got to meet cast members and find out how things work at Disney and how some could be done at home.
What piece would you want to take home and put in your yard?
If I could do it, I would love having Mickey's Sorcerer hat from Hollywood Studios as a playhouse to have fun in. Could you imagine that centerpiece in your yard? I also have tried to copy the Flower and Garden Show, by adding hundreds of flowers in my yard, along wiht my Gnome Mickey of course.

I can imagine it and what it would look like and thinking "I do have an awesome Disney Yard."
Check out the HGTV's website for schedule.