12 June 2011

Blackbeard the Pirate: His Early IEDs Made Him a True Terrorist - ABC News

Most amazing find

Yes like Walt, I too am fascinated by Pirates and I mean the ones that pillaged and plunder in the early 1700's or so and it is that fascination that I loved the ride (Pirates of the Caribbean) at Walt Disney World and then of course the movies starring Johnny Depp.

Yes that is the anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge, AKA Blackbeard's ship. What I didn't know was that he stole it from the French and renamed it that. The anchor weighs 3,000 pounds and has sat at the bottom of the ocean since 1718.The wreck lay just off the coast of North Carolina. That is amazing because he was so close to our shores, sailing from NC to the Caribbean. It is fascinating to find out what else is down there. The recovery team said they recovered more than 250,000 artifacts since 1996. as they find out more about the ammunition he used glass, lead shot and nails were used to fire out of cannons. These techniques can be traced back to ancient times, Blackbeard may be ruthless but was not stupid, he knew how to fight and do it well.
But to compare him to a terrorist maybe going too far. Yes he bullied other merchants into giving up their ships but that was a smart move indeed. Why would he sink it when it was worth more money above the water than below it. He knew that would not be of most profit to him.
Blackbeard's real name Edward Teach or Edward Thatch.
Born in Bristol, England in 1680.

A tall man with thick black hair & beard which he braided and put burning wicks in it to give him that devilish look.
He commanded 4 ships and had 300 other pirates in his crew.

Blackbeard the Pirate: His Early IEDs Made Him a True Terrorist - ABC News


  1. Great article. I love all things Pirates! I really didnt know they came to North America.

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