23 June 2011

Blog HOP Thursday--Magical Moments

Monkey see, Monkey do

This truly was  a magical moment because these 3 are cousins and they get along so well that we have Disney World to thank for that. It is our tradition to meet every year in Disney World to see each other.

This funny picture of the 3 amigos is taken on the bus to Animal Kingdom.  As you can see they are doing hear, sight and talk imitation. We did not tell them to do that, they did it on their own. lol.

Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny
 What could be more Magical than meeting the Easter Bunny and his wife. I know I was probably more excited than the kids when I saw them. At there age to have met the Easter Bunny, that was only in my dreams and yet Disney makes dreams come true. They were right at the entrance to Magic Kingdom and this is one of my favorite moments in all of our trips.
Same monkey's
They love to pose these 3, I guess that's because we asked and they stopped for about 30 seconds. But what they don't realize is how we adults treasure these memories and we have to get them on film. As the kids grow up and don't act silly anymore we will have our Disney trips Magical Memories always.
I love this shoot with Expedition Everest in the back round.

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  1. What sweet pictures. I love the first picture!

  2. I have a dinosaur lover in my family too.

    Your Easter pic is very nice!

  3. That first picture is too funny! They'll treasure these memories forever, just as you do!

  4. Love 'em! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I added you to my blogroll!


  5. Great photos! The first one is awesome. :o)

  6. Fantastic shots! I'm sure they will cherish them too when they're older! :D