02 June 2011

Disney 1st's

Some of our Disney First's Started at a Place Where the Magic Changes Lives.
Is Cinderella Home? Can I get an autograph?

Fun, Fun, Fun
The face says it all, The Monorail's biggest Fan..

My Little Princess.
  • The First Time I went to WDW was when I was 19, that's right 19. I did not get there as a child and even though I wanted to go there more than anything in the world, I have more than made up for it as an adult. It is after all the most magical place on Earth.
  • The First Park I went to was EPCOT. When I walked up to the gate and I looked past the all the people and saw the big, silver golf ball, all I could think was WOW.
  • The First Time my daughter went to WDW was when she was 3 weeks old. Yes, everyone thought we were crazy but, we did it anyway. We loved Disney so much that an opportunity came along to go and we said it would be fun, let's just go.
  • The First Resort we stayed in was Caribbean Beach in 1991. It was so beautiful and tropical looking. I was in such awe of the whole resort, how big it was especially, the part we were in Jamaica.
  • The First Time we went into the Barber shop in the Magic Kingdom was so funny. Their faces in complete joy getting a Mickey Mouse haircut with confetti sprinkled on top. I remember the Mickey ears hat and certificate too. The first haircut has to be at Disney.What a special moment.
  • The First time we rode the Monorail. We loved it so much, we rode it around and around and all the way to Epcot and back.
Thanks for stopping by! Has anyone done any of these First's too? There are many more to be made.