11 June 2011

HGTV's New Show on Disney Yards

My Yard

This is so cool

Best Idea
 I think these pictures say it all, HGTV's new show about Disney Fans changing their back yards into some Disney magic right at home. I mean every time we leave the parks we want to take some of the magic with us, Right?
I think that is why I buy so many souvenirs...
This show follows a few families who got to meet cast members and find out how things work at Disney and how some could be done at home.
What piece would you want to take home and put in your yard?
If I could do it, I would love having Mickey's Sorcerer hat from Hollywood Studios as a playhouse to have fun in. Could you imagine that centerpiece in your yard? I also have tried to copy the Flower and Garden Show, by adding hundreds of flowers in my yard, along wiht my Gnome Mickey of course.

I can imagine it and what it would look like and thinking "I do have an awesome Disney Yard."
Check out the HGTV's website for schedule.



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