27 June 2011

A HIDDEN MICKEY at my Library

I recently was at our local library and saw this in the window. It just goes to show you Mickey is everywhere and since I'm  a huge Disney Fan I was very pleased to see it. This was my Hidden Mickey Moment for it was the last place I expected to see Mickey.

It is weird how just the little things make us happy. And just the fact that Mickey was being used to promote Volunteerism was a great feeling. What other cause could be so wonderful as helping people. Mickey Mouse was helping the cause of saving lives in the Fire Department 
and EMT. 

The picture does look vintage, there was not date on it. 

If you have seen a similar picture and know the date, I would love to know how old it is??


  1. While it appears to be a retro picture, it's actually quite common. They had the same pic in poster form at The Art of Animation at Downtown Disney for a long time..possibly still do. Pretty cool to see it at the library though:)

  2. How cool. I too get excited when I see things like this in places I don't expect. My brother got this print at Walt Disney World he also got a police officer one I believe

  3. Thanks Deej, I didn't know that I will check that out next time I go to Downtown.
    Thanks for the comment..

  4. That is so cool, Casey. I would like to see the Police Officer one too..
    Thanks for the comment.