22 June 2011

I Can't Have A girl's PINATA at my Party especially Princess Ariel!

Over the last couple of months we have been trying to decide where to have my sons birthday party. He is born in December and after an ice storm that made us cancel it took 6 months, (yes I said 6) to decide the where and what and who. He had gone to a Indoor sports arena party and really liked it, we were hopeful for that. It would have been so easy just right down the street, you could invite up to 18 friends. Pretty cool I thought  but once he heard about Laser Tag that's all he wanted. Just one problem it's not anywhere around here. We could drive a little to a place that had it. But,  I didn't want to ask parents to drive 45 minutes or longer. So the months keep going by and the last thing I wanted was 15 or so 9 year old's in my house during the Winter. Being the busy family we are months went by and the end of school was fast approaching so we finally agreed to have it at home. There would be a Slip-N-Slide and Dad would set off a bunch of model rockets. 
I decided to add one more thing to our fun time a Pinata. But not just any pinata my daughter's Little Mermaid, Princess Ariel one that she kept in great condition in her room. Unfortunately, she has grown up and to my horror she decided it is no longer cool to like the Princesses.  LOL. Ariel was her favorite and decided everything had to be Princess Ariel. I reluctantly agreed her brother could have it  knowing it would be demolished by him and his friends.
While planning the details of his party I was told by him, he could not have a girl's pinata at his party the guys would make fun of him. I told him no one wanted it and I would probably give it away to someone who still like Ariel.  He changed his mind when he thought it would be cool to beat and destroy it on one condition, that he could change the picture. So I said what are you going to do and he said where are the markers. Anyway you have to see the pictures to see the change to poor Ariel...

The pinata had a lot of candy in it and it was enjoyed by all. 

Mustache for Ariel and Flounder

Hit that Pinata, there's candy in there

Your Turn

Keep Trying to get that candy

Homemade Cookie Cake


Birthday Boy enjoying his DAY!

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  1. I love your story!! How typical of a boy to draw pictures on it...so cute!