16 June 2011

It's All About Family at Disney

So exciting, we had a pool table in our room.
Family is what's it's all about, that is one thing I have learned over the years.  Making more memories with my family is something I really enjoy and when we go to Walt Disney World that is what happens. 
As soon as we start to plan our trip we invite the whole extended family to come along with us. Once, we get everyone on board our first priority is to decide, what park do we go to first? Usually it's Magic Kingdom and it's because most of our favorite {TOP 5} rides/attractions are there--Space Mountain, Laugh Floor, Splash Mountain, PhilharMagic and the Carousel of Progress. Then we choose the other parks based on how late they close and the attractions.
There is nothing more exciting then planning a trip to WDW. As the date approaches and the final week before the trip arrives, each day of that week gets more exciting until the day we arrive at Disney (Uncontrollable Excitement). I remember on our last  trip we all ran down the hallway at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (and it was a long hallway, we were the last room) to get to our room because some of family had already arrived. We also couldn't wait to see the pool table in our room, we had read about it and it seemed unbelievable till we saw it. Very COOL!!
Our trip last year was definitely not long enough and we are now planning our next for hopefully in the Fall.

Bill & Lee waiting outside Boma

Here are some pictures of the hundreds we took.

You guys are great!
See this snake, I won it.
We went at night this time.

Goofy Kids!

That special Disney touch!


  1. What suite has the pool table? Was this a grand villa? Awesome stuff!

  2. Fabulous! It must have been a grad villa - we were in a 2BR at Kidani last year and we didn't get a pool talbe. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  3. What an awesome place to call "home"! I love all your photos. So glad you included them! :)

  4. We'll be heading down for our second stay at AKL this summer!! I will also, be running down the hall...lol :)

  5. Brilliant photos! I love that Disney always brings families together :)

  6. You're so right, it's all about the memories you make together as a family! I sooo love that excitement! Great photos, too, by the way!

  7. It's so wonderful that your whole family gets involved. Looks like loads of fun. By the way, that first pic outside of Boma brings back good memories....my wife and I love eating at Boma.