13 June 2011

Remembering The Rose and Crown at Epcot

After reading about some of the food at The Rose and Crown Pub,in United Kingdom at Epcot's World Showcase, I was thinking of our trip last March to Walt Disney World. We pick a different country to eat from on each visit. So far we have dined in Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Canada and most recently the United Kingdom. Its now in our top 3 from this list, with Germany YaY (Oktoberfest) and Canada (Le Cellier) with the best steak ever, OK that's another story.

The interesting part of the article was about the food there and in particular a burger on the menu. The writer described a burger, and it is something I would definitely go back to Rose and Crown to try.  It is usually our family tradition to try a different restaurant on each trip, some times if we are staying long enough we can hit two restaurants. Still thinking about how I really want to try that burger, The Doncaster, it is described as  8 ounces of Angus beef, topped with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and horseradish cream.  Sounds good, right? But, it also sounds not to good for the diet. Knowing what I know I would still try it after reading about it, the Doncaster gets a good review.

I love Tick Tock

Big Beer Selection at Raglan Road

Captain Hook at Epcot

We already knew how great the beer was at Rose and Crown, it was always one of our stops on our way around the World Showcase. Some of our favorites are included here like Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s. We always stop in the UK to get a pint but, had never eaten there.  Last year that all changed when our whole (extended) family, all 11 of us, ate at the Rose and Crown and we loved it. Our food was great and we got to see the fireworks while still there finishing dinner. As we crowded around the back of the outside seating area of the restaurant the other guests were gracious enough to let us stand with them and look out over the water to watch the show. It was a spectacular location from which to watch Illuminations, our timing for dinner could not have been better.

One meal we really enjoyed was the traditional Fish 'N' Chips. They were fantastic and so was the meat & cheese platter (I don't remember the real name of it), it even went over big with the kids. The only complaint we had was the wait for the table, even with our reservation, we waited an hour or so to be seated, not great when we were starving after a whole day at Epcot!

Even though Raglan Road, the Irish Pub at Downtown Disney, is often compared to the Rose and Crown, we do not like it as much (though my husband says the beer selection at Raglan Road can not be beat). The entertainment is one of our favorites though and can't be beat, the whole family loved it, it just pulls you in and makes you feel happy. The traditional Irish music provided by a live band is fantastic. It is the feeling of it being live and you can watch and hear it while you're enjoying your meal and family.  In addition to the Irish music, the dancing is fantastic, my children love running up to the stage to watch, this is a great show too. And the restaurant itself is so beautiful inside. But with all that said, we still like the food better at Rose and Crown.


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