25 June 2011

Saturday Blog Hop About Me

OK, a little about me. You either know me by DFM (my initials), Mouse Fan Diane because I love THE MOUSE or CanDoItMOM which I explain later.

I am a very proud mom of two, my girl Abby and my boy Liam; Married to my best friend, Bill. It was our love of Disney from the very start that we had in common, we both wanted to work for Disney in some way we didn't care what it was, we haven't managed it yet but you never know.
As soon as I discovered WDW it became the one thing I enjoy more than anything. And going to Walt Disney World as much as possible is always on my mind, which I'm sure most of you know about me. It is what I have always called the "HAPPY" place and for a good reason because, I can forget the outside world and focus on family and fun.

I picked the name of my blog because I thought it fit perfectly. I wear many hats as a mom and sometimes I don't know how I get it done everyday. Wife, mother, care taker, shopper, chauffeur, maid, referee, cook, writer and gardener just to name a few. So I thought about it and came up with the Can do it mom because I can do it all, somehow. I don't know how, I just do it, maybe because I'm the first one up -(sometimes) Oh yeah this probably should be on my list too, I'm not a morning person, never have been. That's another story. But usually I am the last one to bed every night..

Me & Liam
 Five Quick Get to Know "Me" Facts:
  1. I love animals, I would empty the shelters if I could.
  2. Most relaxing place for me is at the beach.
  3. I love Candy, all kinds, especially chocolate.
  4. I love Beer, mostly Imports. Wine has always given me a headache but, I do drink it sometimes.
  5. I love Eighties music, especially Bon Jovi.
That is a quick run down there is a lot to say, but it is a busy Saturday. 

We like Beer, I mean the Adults

My Girl.
My BFF as Pirate Goofy.

Thanks for stopping by :-) Mouse Fan Diane.

And I would like to thank Disney Bird, Brittiany for the inspiration, checkout her blog too.


  1. Great post, Diane! Thanks for sharing with us the making of the name of your blog. I can certainly relate, lol! Yum, I like beers, too. We have an Old Chicago Pizza here and they do different beer samplings. They have an around the World program where you get a card and once you've tried all the beers (there are a ton so it will take a while) you get some sort of prize. I'll let you know when I get it ;-) Thanks for joining in this week!

  2. I loved learning more about you Diane!! Beer is my friend too...lol. Wishing you a magical Saturday!! :0)

  3. Hey Bird, Thank you so much for your comments.I would like to try that around the world, that sounds so cool.Yes let me know..

  4. Hi Kelly, Thank you for your kind words, talking about yourself is not easy. LOL. You have a magical day too..

  5. Awesome facts Diane! I can't drink wine either ... I always get headaches! So I drink pear cider instead :P I love 80s music too! *high five!*

  6. Thanks Manda, I definitely want to try the pear cider, I love cider. And HIGH FIVE right back, eighties music rules!!!!

  7. I feel the same way about animals!! Doesn't it kill you all the ones that don't get homes?! Booo!

    BTW... Thanks for having my blog button on your site. I wanted to let you know that if you copy the code off my site right now the corners are clear now, so it looks better with photo backgrounds. The person who designed my site made the button, and I didn't know she didn't make the corners transparent until I noticed it on another site. She said she fixed it, so hopefully that's true. ;) Thanks again!
    Have a great week!! :D