09 June 2011

SummerTime and Disney

This looks refreshing on a hot Summer Day.
One of my TOP Ten Rides...
 Summer is a great time to spend at Disney. After a long school year the kids are ready to have fun and what better place to go than, Disney. It is our number one destination. Every year when I ask where everyone wants to go, they say Disney. And it's because the rides are so fantastic it keep us coming back every year. I also like just hanging out at the resorts. Depending on which resort there are many things to do like biking, boating and just hangin by the pool. The pool is a great option during the hottest part of day and then we would go to the park. Our favorite pool hands down is the one at Yacht and Beach Club and if you have been there you know what i mean. I love the lazy river and the sandy bottom. Also in afternoon you can catch the parade at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. But it is very hot and not much A/C around..
A great place to get something cool.


  1. I've never been to WDW during the summer...but there are definitely a lot of great ways to stay cool. My group always wants to go to Disney too!

  2. gotta love the resort pools!!!

  3. We have Rock n Rollercoaster in Dlp too! It's great to cool off from the summer heat! :D

  4. I can't wait to try out the pool at Beach Club one day, I probably won't want to leave. :o)

  5. thanks for all the comments. And yes it is one of the greatest pools I have ever been too. ;)