31 July 2011

Sunday's Best-My Morning Coffee (K-Cup edition)

I do love my coffee so, I thought I would do a short post on one of my favorite things~~ Coffee!

I have just about tried every brand of coffee and every coffee maker on the market. The Keurig definitely is in my one of my absolute favorite coffee makers.  Not only because of the single serve brewer, making it the right amount for my one cup of coffee but also the many flavors of coffee available to satisfy anyone, it makes it a winner. The system can also brew tea K-cups, which I drink too and wrote about that in my Saturday post. They also have hot cocoa K-Cups, the kids love them.  Also for these hot summer days there are a wide selection of iced coffee and iced tea k-cups.  We love the "half and half" iced tea we go through a lot of it this time of year!

Two of my new favorite coffee's are the Wolfgang Puck K-cups, Hawaiian Hazelnut and Jamaica Me Crazy. Both are mild blends and the Hawaiian has the hazelnut flavor making it a bit nutty and sweet, it tastes awesome. The Jamaica one has a slight coconut taste, just enough but not overpowering the full body flavor, awesome too.
Amazon makes it easy to order these K-cups, and I do all my ordering from them, you can get free shipping too with $25 purchase which is easy to do for the coffee k-cups.

Can't forget that special mug!!

30 July 2011

Something About Me Blog HOP~~FAMILY

Today, I just want to share some great pictures, It's been a bit of a difficult week. Everything that could have gone wrong did. So I'm glad to be starting a new one tomorrow. So here's to a new week and knowing what's important family...  Here are some of my family pictures in the place that always cheers me up :-)

I want to thank Disney Bird for her Saturday About Me Blog Hop.. Join us...

Some of our favorite things we did was going to Fort Wilderness on the Horse and Buggy Ride, pretty inexpensive as far family entertainment goes.  For about an hour, it took us on a tour of the Campgrounds. We got to see many of the play areas and where the campers hang out. There is a lot to do there including the Hoop DEE DOO Review, swimming, hiking and you can go to the stables to see the horses..

Cinderella's  Castle is a must when coming into the Magic Kingdom. I always take lots of pictures from every angle because I am fascinated by it. It amazes me how many things are inside the castle including a great place to dine, 2 gift shops with Royal gifts for any Prince and Princess and a sitting area for Cinderella herself. And don't forget to check out the mosaic inside it is exquisite..

Animal Kingdom is a great place to go on the Safari and see some African Native Animals. We usually try to go in the morning when they are most active and it is a bit cooler.
Our children standing in front of the sign at the entrance has become a family tradition. We have been doing it from when the park first opened.

The horses at Fort Wilderness

More Ponies at Fort Wilderness

DAD & 2 Monkeys on the Horse and Buggy ride

5 growing up Monkees-they are so cute--2010

Posing at AK--2007

That's Me & Ab in the bottom right corner

29 July 2011

Shared by MouseFanDiane

yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/hs4jkxnj Shared by MouseFanDiane

My Tweet was read on the 10:00 news, Pix 11 in New York.. Check it. Awesome Feeling to have your name announced on TV..

Flashback Friday~JOJO Circus

Do you remember JoJo Circus on The Disney Channel a couple of years ago. My kids loved this show. JoJo a circus clown lived with her parents and with Goliath, her pet lion were just two of the cute characters on the show. We had to find them to get their autographs. They were in the back of Hollywood Studios back by the Back Lot tour..

JoJo and Goliath

Disney 2007

Disney MGM Studios

Did anybody else get their autograph? Or see them at Disney--MGM Studios?

28 July 2011

Disney Trip Planning 101 - Customized Disney Maps

I really enjoyed Amy @The Info Mouse's First V-Blog. She describes the customized maps WDW sent her in helping her plan her trip and get on all her favorite attractions.
 Disney Trip Planning 101 - Customized Disney Maps
Also she very kindly mentioned me and my guest blog post at the Info Mouse about the already released Winnie The Pooh Movie..
 I was so excited and surprised.  
Thanks Again Amy,
If you would like to check out my post about Winnie The Pooh, click below.

27 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday--BLOG HOP

Welcome to the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!! Thanks to Debs Dis for hosting.


And also Please join Amy @ The Info Mouse and her Wordless Wednesday Hop

Be sure and check out all the AWESOME Disney Pics...

Animal Kingdom Lodge
This beautiful picture was taken in the master bathroom of our room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is above the spa bathtub in master bath. Last year we had our 1st really big family vacation where 12 of us stayed in the 3 bedroom Grand Villa at AKL. We also had 3 balconies looking over the savannah where the animals were grazing, running and playing, what a sight every morning. And since I'm a huge Lion King Fan this resort was perfect for me to stay at because this movie theme is all over the resort..

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think? If you have stayed here or plan to in the future, I know I do..

26 July 2011

Growing Up Disney

Growing Up Disney
By: Bill Maguire
    I always brag that my Grandpa helped build Walt Disney World.  He was one of the plumbing engineers on the “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” ride at Walt Disney World, I’m still personally offended that its gone.  I got to go to the park before it officially opened in 1971. Summers in Orlando always included a trip to Disney complete with plenty of E-ticket rides!

They are growing UP-2010
  I of course married a woman that loves Disney as much as I do.  We had our first vacation together to WDW in 1990.  We joined DVC in 1998, it was as soon as we could manage it.  In 1999 we had our first child, this is where the point of my article really is. 

Our daughter had her first trip to Disney when she was 3 weeks old (yes we are a little crazy).  She went on her first cruise on the Disney Magic when she was 13 months old.  We had our second child in 2001 and he has been to Disney at least once a year his entire life.  When I want to see a picture of them at a particular age I pull up that years trip in I-Photo.  Disney is part of our family, its as big a part of who we are as anything else about us. 

    We always visit the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  I like to tell the kids a little about Walt and his motto that “It all started with a Mouse”.  More than that I remind them that it all started with one mans dream.  They both had their first haircut at Disney.  Most of the family has had a birthday at Disney.  We need to hit Christmas and New Years at Disney I think that's the only holidays we have missed at the parks (we knocked out St. Patrick's Day in 2010).  For us visiting Disney is a chance to forget the outside world.  I love that Walt used to forbid newspapers being sold on the property.  Sadly cell phones, laptops and TV can't be pushed out as well.  I’m a Network Engineer and I'm as wired as a person can be, but I try to put it all away when I visit Disney, that's family time, a time for dreams and a little magic

The Magic staff Loved our little lady
    At home the Disney channel is on most of the time, if not its a Disney movie, or ABC or one of the other ways that Disney is intertwined with our lives.

They love character hugs!
    A great deal of our home decor is Disney or Disney inspired, from our Gnome Mickey in the garden to our Mickey pancake mold we generally can look up and see something that reminds us of our happy place.  I plan to build a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired bar/patio in our backyard next year as my try at “Our Yard Goes Disney”  maybe @MouseFanDiane will let me blog about it.

Thanks for reading!  @wfmaguire 

I want to thank my husband for his wonderful article. Hope you enjoyed it too.

25 July 2011

I-Phone Pictures

Enjoying a drink at Epcot
Swimming at Cape Cod

Taking over the beach in Connecticut 
3 Bugs! Scary aren't they?

There are times I prefer to let the pictures do the talking and what better pictures than those on vacation.. Enjoy and Comment  :-)

23 July 2011

Something About Me Blog HOP

I want to thank Brittiany @ DisneyBird for doing this blog hop. Please join us on the hop at

Something about me is a very interesting a topic for me; usually I'm talking about everyone and everything else, so it's not easy to come up with something about me to share. But, the one thing I do like to share are tips/advice on cooking, baking and saving money. I have been planning my kids birthday parties since their first. Each party I would start to plan a couple of months in advance. When they were younger it was much easier. I could choose everything so easily from the cute, simple theme of pink unicorn decorations to simple Happy Birthday confetti-plates, napkins and cups.

 As they became toddlers and liked the Disney Playhouse characters, the theme switched to them, yet easy again. Even the guest list was easy just family. As someone who plans everything, I started to look for the things I needed for the party early on. Any time I saw the party stuff on sale, I would buy it. The paper stuff like plates and decorations don't go bad, so I would stock up for both kids. Just checking the ads every week, looking for what I need is easy, in fact I still do that now that they are older, just no theme anymore for my girl. My boy is easy, Star Wars for the last 3 years and counting.

My daughter's, cookie cake with mint ice cream--melting fast

I also like to bake Pies-This is Apple Toffee

Another money saver is I make all my own cakes and it really isn't hard. I ask the kids about what flavor, decoration-sprinkles, frosting, etc. and based on how many kids, how big it needs to be. I have always found that spending a lot of money on the cake was hard thing to accept especially when they can cost about $25-$50 and a lot of it gets thrown away. The kids are so excited to know their cake was made by mom and it was created exactly the way they wanted it.

22 July 2011

Flashback Friday~Star Wars Weekends

Thanks for hosting Sarah @ Magical Day with the Mouse and for my pick for Flashback Friday is the Star Wars Weekends. 

Our whole family looked forward to last years trip to Walt Disney World, it was our first Star Wars weekend. We were so excited because, we knew we would see characters from the Star Wars movies and it was the last time we could get on the original Star Tours ride before it was closing and being updated. So we had to ride it the customary 10 or 20 times and take a lot of pictures. However, I only ride once because that's all I can take, it make me motion sick. My son can ride non-stop though, so he has to find family members to take turns so they don't get sick. LOL. He loves the ride that much, he says "the shaking is the best part"and last year we added to his Lightsaber collection by making his own in the store. I love going through the gift shop as we exit the ride and seeing all the Star Wars stuff to take home is so awesome. It was so cool to meet the Stormtroopers and take pictures with them. As we saw them walking around the park, it gave you the felling like you were in a Star Wars movie..

They thought this was the coolest thing they had ever seen and they were not alone

New Resort @ Walt Disney World

I'm very excited that a new resort will be opening next year with a great theme.  Disney already has 33 properties in Florida (24 of them owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company). My goal is to hit all of them because, they each have unique characteristics, like the their food and their theme. It's been a while since we had a new resort to celebrate about, I think Pop Century was the last one built and it opened in 2003.

As far as the new one, I love the theme of bringing the Disney movies to life, like Art Of Animation is doing. Imagineers are using life size characters that are making movie sets appear on the new property that will definitely make you feel like your in the movie itself. I would love to see some behind the scenes stuff too at this new resort. I expect a lot of the drawings, paintings and animation cells to be on display. I 'm sure there will be lots to purchase and bring home to make your own Art Gallery.

Have any of you been clamoring for details on the new Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which is set to open at the Walt Disney World Resort next year? If so, we’ve got an exciting update to share today on the progress of this highly anticipated guest offering.

Topping Out Ceremony at Disney's Art of Animation Resort 
 Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which will bring to life famous Disney and Disney•Pixar films, including Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, hit a major construction milestone earlier today when Walt Disney Imagineers and various crews working on the project held a “topping out” ceremony for the resort. This special moment is a tradition in the construction and engineering fields and takes place when the highest piece of steel is placed on a building’s frame. The tradition dates back to the Vikings, who would place an evergreen tree on the top of a building to celebrate and wish for good luck.
Today’s ceremony took place atop a wing of the resort that will be themed after The Lion King.
Disney Parks Blog author Tom Smith previously shared a look inside this resort, which will feature elaborately themed building exteriors and room interiors.
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is set to open in early Summer 2012 and is already available for booking. Standard rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort start at $94 per night and family suites start at $248 per night.
Expect to see some amazing sights inside the resort as well. It’ll have themed room interiors in the nearly 2,000 new units — 1,120 family suites in The Lion King, Cars and Finding Nemo wings and 864 themed rooms in The Little Mermaid wings. And once open in 2012, the resort will create 750 permanent jobs.
Booking dates haven’t been announced yet but check back here for updates and more images in the future.

For more information on Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, visit disneyworld.com or call 407-W-DISNEY (407-934-7639).

Thank you Disney Park Blog for the update.

 What do you think of the new Resort opening?

Do you like the theme or should the Imagineers have chosen something else?

Thank you for stopping BY!!!!!

21 July 2011

Blog HOP Thursday- Babies

Welcome to Thursday's Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop. Please join us on the blog hop and don't forget to stop by the other great blogs on the list. Today's feature ~~~~ Babies.

My little girl.

 The little chairs are great for kids and they really add that special Disney touch. I'm ready to catch her.

Dress Up

 Dressing up is a big part of the kid experience at Disney, I wish she could still fit into that Minnie Mouse dress it was her favorite.

Can you imagine what they are saying.

 You can see the difference between a couple of years, my little girl was probably 10 or 11 months old sitting in chair at Disney's Hilton Head Island resort. And only a few years later her brother joined us at Hilton Head on his first trip. They look so cute sitting together. Hilton Head Resort is one of our favorites for many reasons. Hilton Head is our home resort along with Boardwalk.

First, is it very peaceful, great for naps.
Second, the little kids can walk/run on flat ground, no hills, the resort has a lot of space to travel the sidewalks.
Third, Fishing from the boardwalk that leads to a great spot at the end of the dock. You can just watch the water below and the sunset above.
Fourth, another favorite of the resort the pool at the beach.
Fifth, The UN-Birthdays Parties.

I love the Pool At the Beach.  This is a great feature because you don't have to choose one or there other, you can have both. The Hilton Head resort has a Beach House with a pool and a couple of steps away is the ocean, very private and loads of fun for everyone.

20 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday--BLOG HOP

Welcome to this week's Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Thank you Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting. I really enjoyed Deb's picture of Wizard of Oz from The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, so I decided to go with the same theme. The Great Movie Ride is one of our family's favorite attraction because we get to see many of our favorite movies up close. It is also a pretty fast moving line, even it is long because the cars you ride in can hold a lot of people and while your in the cue different movies are playing in what looks like a old movie theater with no seats. It is beautiful in there. So for a great movie experience head to Mann's Chinese Theater behind the big HAT. ;-)

Cops and Robbers-LIVE

One of my all time favorite movies

John Wayne

 Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my memories, there are always fun times to remember at Walt Disney World..

Tarzan up close

Amazed by what he saw-Tarzan

He's getting away--Great Show

19 July 2011

Jedi Mouseketeer: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Avai...

Jedi Mouseketeer: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Avai...: "Dive Deeper Into the Epic Quest to Find The Fountain of Youth! Johnny Depp is Back as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARI..."

Tiggerific Tuesday's BLOG HOP

A spectacular view
 My theme for this weeks blog hop is Summer Fun. These pictures were taken while on Summer vacation and they remind me of how much fun we had. It doesn't matter where you are as long as your with the people you love and are having fun. Some are from a lake not far from our home and some were taken in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod is another one of our favorite places to go for a vacation, not only is the food great but the beaches there can't be beat. It is home to three beaches that are part of The National Seashore. President John Kennedy deemed this part of Cape Cod a special place and it was to be protected. There are beaches all along the east coast that are part of the National Seashore.
The beaches cover both sides of Cape Cod. It is like an island surrounded by the sea, one side ocean the other the bay, so you have many choices to check out the surf and sand. But, one of our favorite family activities is Pirate Mini Golf, so much fun that we go 2 or 3 times.

I can't rave enough about the food and if you like seafood you are in the right place. From award- winning New England Clam Chowder which we have everyday to lobster rolls and clam bakes, it is just heaven..
Fun on Summer Vacation

Cool Ships in Cape Cod

View from the back of our Boat

Please feel free to tell me your favorite vacation spot.
Thanks for sharing and stopping by..
Thanks to the Magical Mouse School house for hosting!!!
Be sure and stop by and check out the other blogs too..

17 July 2011

Sunday's Best-My Morning Coffee

The collection

This Morning~~~~ Coffee "DISNEY" Style 

Over the last 10 years or so, I have been collecting Coffee mugs at Walt Disney World. Since, I have such a love for coffee and I feel like I can't start my day without it having the right coffee mug is also important. I have mostly Disney mugs at home and they remind me of being at the resort just waking up and getting ready to go to the park. Since, we are DVC we always have a great coffee maker in our room and I love having that feature as part of our stay.

These mugs are like treasures for our family because some of them represent our favorite attractions. Like The Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. It also includes some of our favorite characters like Mickey, The Little Mermaid (we bought this mug in 1990), Cheshire Cat and Jessica Rabbit, dads favorite. LOL. We often look forward to the gift shop at the end of each attraction as much as the ride itself.  The feeling we get from the attractions that we love so much transfers into buying something to take home. And another added bonus from staying on property is they will send it back to our room for us so there is no carrying heavy bags around the park.
I love browsing through the store and taking home a couple of souvenirs especially the mugs/glasses.

I think my favorite is the Winnie-the-Pooh asking "is that you Tigger?" So funny.

Yes we drink a LOT of coffee and yes we have a LOT of Disney mugs!

If you have a favorite Disney Coffee Mug/ Glass or other collection, tell me  ;-)