29 July 2011

Flashback Friday~JOJO Circus

Do you remember JoJo Circus on The Disney Channel a couple of years ago. My kids loved this show. JoJo a circus clown lived with her parents and with Goliath, her pet lion were just two of the cute characters on the show. We had to find them to get their autographs. They were in the back of Hollywood Studios back by the Back Lot tour..

JoJo and Goliath

Disney 2007

Disney MGM Studios

Did anybody else get their autograph? Or see them at Disney--MGM Studios?


  1. Great flashback! Wow, I remember JoJo and Goliath!!

  2. Hello Mouse Fan Diane! We took our daughter to see Jo Jo, Goliath, and the Little Einstein gang at Hollywood Studios for breakfast one year -- June 20, 2008 was the date! She loved them!

  3. Great photos!! I remember them too but no photos. Looks fun!

  4. Thank You Deb. They are so cute.
    Thank you and hello to you Mike. I love them too

    Thanks Rebecca.. Glad you stopped by..

  5. That was quite the flashback...I forgot about them. Very cute!

  6. Great flashback! These are characters I've never seen before, so I really enjoyed flashing back to this one! :D