22 July 2011

Flashback Friday~Star Wars Weekends

Thanks for hosting Sarah @ Magical Day with the Mouse and for my pick for Flashback Friday is the Star Wars Weekends. 

Our whole family looked forward to last years trip to Walt Disney World, it was our first Star Wars weekend. We were so excited because, we knew we would see characters from the Star Wars movies and it was the last time we could get on the original Star Tours ride before it was closing and being updated. So we had to ride it the customary 10 or 20 times and take a lot of pictures. However, I only ride once because that's all I can take, it make me motion sick. My son can ride non-stop though, so he has to find family members to take turns so they don't get sick. LOL. He loves the ride that much, he says "the shaking is the best part"and last year we added to his Lightsaber collection by making his own in the store. I love going through the gift shop as we exit the ride and seeing all the Star Wars stuff to take home is so awesome. It was so cool to meet the Stormtroopers and take pictures with them. As we saw them walking around the park, it gave you the felling like you were in a Star Wars movie..

They thought this was the coolest thing they had ever seen and they were not alone


  1. GREAT PHOTOS!! Super Cute Kiddies! Star Wars Weekend is on my "Disney to do list"

  2. Thanks Rebecca for visiting, they are fun weekends..

  3. Great photos. You know I REALLY wish they would do Star Wars Weekends at Disneyland. It's just not fair I tell ya! ;) I seriously get all geeky when I see Star Wars stuff, so this post made me happy!
    Thanks for joining the flashback! I hope you'll join in again. :)

  4. I LOVE the R2D2 mailbox in the last photo!

  5. Thank you Sarah for your great comments. I love the Star Wars weekends,they are so much fun. I didn't know they didn't have them in DL, I guess you will have to come to Florida.

    Thank you Casey and Bird too. I thought the mailbox was the coolest and I wanted one..