26 July 2011

Growing Up Disney

Growing Up Disney
By: Bill Maguire
    I always brag that my Grandpa helped build Walt Disney World.  He was one of the plumbing engineers on the “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” ride at Walt Disney World, I’m still personally offended that its gone.  I got to go to the park before it officially opened in 1971. Summers in Orlando always included a trip to Disney complete with plenty of E-ticket rides!

They are growing UP-2010
  I of course married a woman that loves Disney as much as I do.  We had our first vacation together to WDW in 1990.  We joined DVC in 1998, it was as soon as we could manage it.  In 1999 we had our first child, this is where the point of my article really is. 

Our daughter had her first trip to Disney when she was 3 weeks old (yes we are a little crazy).  She went on her first cruise on the Disney Magic when she was 13 months old.  We had our second child in 2001 and he has been to Disney at least once a year his entire life.  When I want to see a picture of them at a particular age I pull up that years trip in I-Photo.  Disney is part of our family, its as big a part of who we are as anything else about us. 

    We always visit the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  I like to tell the kids a little about Walt and his motto that “It all started with a Mouse”.  More than that I remind them that it all started with one mans dream.  They both had their first haircut at Disney.  Most of the family has had a birthday at Disney.  We need to hit Christmas and New Years at Disney I think that's the only holidays we have missed at the parks (we knocked out St. Patrick's Day in 2010).  For us visiting Disney is a chance to forget the outside world.  I love that Walt used to forbid newspapers being sold on the property.  Sadly cell phones, laptops and TV can't be pushed out as well.  I’m a Network Engineer and I'm as wired as a person can be, but I try to put it all away when I visit Disney, that's family time, a time for dreams and a little magic

The Magic staff Loved our little lady
    At home the Disney channel is on most of the time, if not its a Disney movie, or ABC or one of the other ways that Disney is intertwined with our lives.

They love character hugs!
    A great deal of our home decor is Disney or Disney inspired, from our Gnome Mickey in the garden to our Mickey pancake mold we generally can look up and see something that reminds us of our happy place.  I plan to build a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired bar/patio in our backyard next year as my try at “Our Yard Goes Disney”  maybe @MouseFanDiane will let me blog about it.

Thanks for reading!  @wfmaguire 

I want to thank my husband for his wonderful article. Hope you enjoyed it too.


  1. I hope to take my kids to disney when we move back east coast! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Can't wait to take my son to Disney! Thanks for stopping by...following you back :)


  3. Goodness me...you really are Disney nuts. I love you!!

    My oldest son went to Disney for the first time when he was just under one month old...and my two youngest have been at least once a year since birth.

    Can't wait to see your pirate bar!! Cheers!