23 July 2011

Something About Me Blog HOP

I want to thank Brittiany @ DisneyBird for doing this blog hop. Please join us on the hop at

Something about me is a very interesting a topic for me; usually I'm talking about everyone and everything else, so it's not easy to come up with something about me to share. But, the one thing I do like to share are tips/advice on cooking, baking and saving money. I have been planning my kids birthday parties since their first. Each party I would start to plan a couple of months in advance. When they were younger it was much easier. I could choose everything so easily from the cute, simple theme of pink unicorn decorations to simple Happy Birthday confetti-plates, napkins and cups.

 As they became toddlers and liked the Disney Playhouse characters, the theme switched to them, yet easy again. Even the guest list was easy just family. As someone who plans everything, I started to look for the things I needed for the party early on. Any time I saw the party stuff on sale, I would buy it. The paper stuff like plates and decorations don't go bad, so I would stock up for both kids. Just checking the ads every week, looking for what I need is easy, in fact I still do that now that they are older, just no theme anymore for my girl. My boy is easy, Star Wars for the last 3 years and counting.

My daughter's, cookie cake with mint ice cream--melting fast

I also like to bake Pies-This is Apple Toffee

Another money saver is I make all my own cakes and it really isn't hard. I ask the kids about what flavor, decoration-sprinkles, frosting, etc. and based on how many kids, how big it needs to be. I have always found that spending a lot of money on the cake was hard thing to accept especially when they can cost about $25-$50 and a lot of it gets thrown away. The kids are so excited to know their cake was made by mom and it was created exactly the way they wanted it.


  1. Homemade cakes are the BEST! That apple-toffee pie looks scrumptious....

  2. Mmmm those cakes look delicious! They look like they're overflowing with love too:)
    It's difficult for me to talk about myself too. This Saturday I posted about a movie I saw? Not really about me:( I guess that's why I haven't linked up yet.

  3. Hey Diane! Thanks so much for following my blog! It's great meeting you! I love your cakes! They look delicious!

  4. Thank you Kathy, it was scrumptious, not good for my diet. LOL That's the bad part of my baking, I eat a lot of it..

  5. Thanks Deb, they are over flowing with love. LOL
    Link up it's a good thing. Gets you over your fear I suppose..

  6. HI Stephanie,
    Thanks for stopping by and joining. Great to meet you and thank you for the kind words about the cakes too..

  7. Diane, I am a big planner/themer too! In July I hit a big milestone- no more theming for the 20 year old's party!! PS Your cakes and pies look much better than mine...:D

  8. Thank you D, you are very kind. That is a milestone we will be there in about 10 years or so.

  9. Wow!! You're so talented! :D I LOVE the one with ice cream!! :D

  10. we love planning b-day parties to for our children and especially the cakes...I have looked to my sis in the past for some awesome creations! but i agree homemade is best!(followed over from Kathy)


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