30 July 2011

Something About Me Blog HOP~~FAMILY

Today, I just want to share some great pictures, It's been a bit of a difficult week. Everything that could have gone wrong did. So I'm glad to be starting a new one tomorrow. So here's to a new week and knowing what's important family...  Here are some of my family pictures in the place that always cheers me up :-)

I want to thank Disney Bird for her Saturday About Me Blog Hop.. Join us...

Some of our favorite things we did was going to Fort Wilderness on the Horse and Buggy Ride, pretty inexpensive as far family entertainment goes.  For about an hour, it took us on a tour of the Campgrounds. We got to see many of the play areas and where the campers hang out. There is a lot to do there including the Hoop DEE DOO Review, swimming, hiking and you can go to the stables to see the horses..

Cinderella's  Castle is a must when coming into the Magic Kingdom. I always take lots of pictures from every angle because I am fascinated by it. It amazes me how many things are inside the castle including a great place to dine, 2 gift shops with Royal gifts for any Prince and Princess and a sitting area for Cinderella herself. And don't forget to check out the mosaic inside it is exquisite..

Animal Kingdom is a great place to go on the Safari and see some African Native Animals. We usually try to go in the morning when they are most active and it is a bit cooler.
Our children standing in front of the sign at the entrance has become a family tradition. We have been doing it from when the park first opened.

The horses at Fort Wilderness

More Ponies at Fort Wilderness

DAD & 2 Monkeys on the Horse and Buggy ride

5 growing up Monkees-they are so cute--2010

Posing at AK--2007

That's Me & Ab in the bottom right corner


  1. You're right Diane... a new week starts tomorrow! And as long as you've got the love of family, you can get through anything!

  2. I love the photos. I hope this week is a much better week. :)

  3. Thank Kathy.You are right


    Thank Melissa, I hope tooo ;-)

  4. Wishing you a better week this week. Thank you so much for sharing your family picture with us. Hugs!!

  5. Thanks Kelly. Here's to another new week

  6. Great pictures, you have a lovely family! Have a magical day.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Moments

  7. Hope this week is a better one! Great photos Diane! Thank you for sharing! :D