03 July 2011

We Love Meeting Disney Characters

Minnie Mouse and Co

This is something near and dear to my Heart!! 
If there is one thing that is at the top of our list even before we leave home is planning to meet all the Disney Characters.

Photo from ToonGenius
This ritual is part of our many family meetings from the moment we start talking about our Disney vacation to the parks to what our favorite rides are. We make our top 10 must see list and of course Mickey is First. We talk about the places we remember and the spots we have found him to be. Then when we check into the resort, we get all the important info on where they are.
Another very helpful guide we bring with us  is The Birmbaum Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World which has so much valuable info is it worth picking up each year. It gets updated on ll the new happenings and changes in the WDW besides pricing and good stuff for the kids. It  is a great help to getting our goal completed of where to find the character breakfasts besides where they are in each park. 

 We also order our autograph books online now (Amazon is great place to get them), so we have them right when we get to the park. In the past we have learned one must be ready from the moment you get of the bus. Many times we got off the bus at Animal Kingdom and half the cast of the Jungle Book was standing outside the gate. We also got Donald Duck in jungle costume and Rafiki too.

Love That Pose!!!

Our TOP TEN list of Necessary Meet & Greets
  1. Mickey
  2. Minnie
  3. Tigger
  4. Donald Duck
  5. Buzz Lightyear
  6. Cinderella
  7. Goofy
  8. Pluto
  9. Woody
  10. Dopey

What are your favorites?

Who does your family put on their list?

Walt Disney World Official Autograph Book (Walt Disney World Exclusive) 

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