04 August 2011

Blog HOP Thursday-Integrity

Just wanted to thank Lisa @ Babes in Disneyland for hosting this week's blog hop.

This week's blog post is something that I have tried to achieve with every post. It is very important to me to follow a few certain rules and integrity is one of them. I have only been blogging for a few months now and it has been a learning experience. I have meet some really great people through the blog and have tried to blog about what I know, Disney. It is a company, that I have always loved and wanted to share all that I know and have learned from my many trips to Walt Disney World. So I thank your for stopping by and your support :-)

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


  1. Hi Diane, Agreed! Don't you think Disney=Integrity? I think Disney bloggers leave other nonsense to the politicians!!

  2. HI Dis and thanks for stopping by. Yes I do think it equals, isn't that part of why we want to share the love.

  3. I wish the politicians would leave the nonsense to someone else. They're scary!

    But that's why we have Disney, right? ...to take us away from the nonsense.

    Have a very Disney day Diane!

  4. Yes it is why we have Disney!! YEAH !! Have a great Disney Day Lucinda... thanks for stopping by..

  5. Diane I could not agree more. The Guru Girls have all taken this oath from the start. Love it!