11 August 2011

Blog HOP Thursday-Shine A Light

Today, we are talking about "Shining A Light" and I want to show how the light starts with my family..

In order to shine a light on this subject, I would have to show some of my most treasured memories. That means selecting a few of my pictures because, I have always felt A picture is worth a thousand words. And my family means the world to me, so I wanted to showcase the kids this time and one of our family traditions is posing in certain spots at Disney every year. You get to see how they grow and that is definitely shining a light on them. It also shows how precious children are and being at Disney brings out the wild child in all of us.

I love these pictures of them as we enter Animal Kingdom, they actually came up with it themselves, jumping right up there.. and saying "take our picture"

My 2 are in the first and second, my nieces and nephew are in the last. That year it was our first big family get together at Disney..

Do you see the shoes below the sign?
I wanted to thank Lisa @ Babes in DisneyLand, don't forget to join us with us this week..
And for those returning A Big Thanks for coming back to my blog/memories. http://www.babesindisneylandblog.com/  ;-)

Do you have a special place you go for a picture every-time you visit Disney???
Let me know..


  1. Great photos! I like getting photos at Cinderella's Wishing Well behind Cinderella Castle.

  2. I love seeing large groups at Disney. That is the only way we travel to Disney and it is so much more magical with everyone you love. :0)

  3. Great photos! We have several spots that we like to take photos at every trip. Its fun comparing them when we get home. :)

  4. Thanks Bird, That's a great spot the wishing well..

    Thanks Kelly, I love going with ta big group it was so much FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

    Thanks Melissa, It sure is....

  5. You are so right Diane- it all starts and ends with family. (Hopefully we are part of your Disney family!)

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  7. Yes Dis, You are right. I can't tell you how much it means to have gotten to know you and call all of you my friends in this Disney family...

  8. Love your family pics! We also have our typical spots...but every year it seems a new twist :). Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for stopping by Mrs. MME

  10. Cool! I need to pick a photo spot to use each trip.

    More than anything...I would love to get my entire family down to WDW for a big get together like you did.

  11. Love the photos! :D Thank you so much for sharing! :)