05 August 2011

Flashback Friday~Donald Duck Is Mean To ME

I want to send a big Thank You to Sarah @ Magical Days with the Mouse because I love this blog hop. I love sharing my blast from the past pictures. For me remembering the kids when they were little and so innocent is a great feeling. Watching their enjoyment over being with the characters makes it all worth it..

This group of pictures describes a journey that my son had to take from embarrassment to laughter. Donald was teasing him, pinching him, messing with his hair and at his age of 5, he took it very personally.  I was standing there, taking pictures, hysterical. I love Donald Duck and I think he is the bomb. So funny and cute.

Got the book out, good so far.
Look at the arms crossed.

The Mayhem begins.
A very angry Little Man.

It's all Smiles in the end. Donald managed to make him laugh.
And that's what it's all about, isn't it?  We go to Disney for the laughs, smiles and memories. Our family goes every year and we do everything, till we drop in our tracks. But the autographs are a must and we hunt them down till we find every character we can.. During this particular evening at Animal Kingdom, Mickey had a line a mile long so we chose Donald first as he had the least people. I know he's not some people's fave but, he's part of the "gang" and he so dang funny...  I wish I had video taped it.

Who's your must get Autograph and Where do you go to get that Autograph??

Thank for hopping IN and commenting....


  1. Hahaha. That is quite a smile at the end isn't it. I think character interactions are my favorite part about visiting the parks with my son. Great flashback this week!! :)

  2. Thank you Sarah, they are the highlight of our trip.
    Everybody trip..

  3. Thank you Heidi. They make me smile and laugh at the same time..

  4. I love meeting Donald! He is always so much fun. I need to track him down in the Animal Kingdom on our next trip. Great photos! The smiles make it all worth while. :)

  5. Thank Melissa, He is great to meet..

  6. I love meeting Donald! We go out of our way to find him. Great pics! Love to see the kids interacting with the characters:)

  7. Thanks Deb, it was one of the best moments. Donald makes it all hysterical.

  8. Great pictures.. they totally tell a great story!