12 August 2011

It's Another Disney Flashback: What Time Is it?

Right next to Dumbo we found them

 These pictures were taken during Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom, it's about 1 in the morning.

OK, so you know how we hunt down our favorite characters so we can hug, squeeze and get them to sign the autograph book well the extra hours is a great way to do that. We were all so excited to have less people at the park so we could get to every character out there that night and not have to long a wait. Unless it's Mickey, Minnie or Ariel we usually won't wait more than 15-20 minutes. My kids start to time out while we are on the lines and start running ahead to take a peak, not that I blame them. LOL. This was one of the most awesome, fun, memorable nights we had during that week. I remember feeling like a kid that night and running with them to every corner of FantasyLand and saying there's Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Buzz, I mean we could not be stopped. It was so exciting, then we got back to our room and dropped...

Smiles after the autograph
Dumbo Since 1941

Fun Fact

 The 1941 animated classic, "Dumbo" earned an Academy Award® for best musical score of a motion picture. Courtesy of Disney.com

We love to joke around

I want to thank Sarah @ Magical Days with the Mouse,  & don't forget to post your Flashbacks.

Thanks for sharing MY Joy the kids, the pictures and the memories.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a special shout out to all my great Disney Pals..
Happy Friday  :-)


  1. I just LOVE that your kids were still awake at 1am!! :)

  2. I had to re-read that to see if my eyes were telling me a lie hahaha. 1am. Wow! That's so awesome the characters were even out at 1. I don't remember ever seeing the characters out at midnight here. Then again, I'm rarely out that late, so I might not have noticed. Fun pictures!! :)

  3. Great pictures! Gotta love Chip and Dale! Following you back from Between the Lines. Do you have a Facebook page I could follow?

  4. Thanks Monica, Disney is just too exciting to sleep.. LOL
    Happy you stopped by

  5. Yes you read it right Sarah, I couldn't believe it either. It was late and we were there ready to see the characters. Luckily they were out late too
    but they were trying to leave though. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by...

  6. Thanks Kel, glad to have you aboard...

  7. I love evening extra magic hours! I don't remember seeing characters but that is probably because we were running from one attraction to the next. :)

  8. We LOVE seeing characters, too! The kids will go from character-to-character until they have met all they can find. Such a great flashback!