23 August 2011

Quest for Disney Vinylmation

My quest for Vinylmation Disney figures has taken me all over recently. Even though I am on vacation this week Disney is always in the back of my mind. I am the obsessive type when I love something and want to collect it, so everywhere I go I keep an eye out for anything Disney. Sometimes a unique opportunity presents itself and you have to take advantage of it. I have been finding a lot of Disney Stores in the malls here in Georgia so that has been great for me.  I love the chance to trade one Vinylmation for another. I was able to get Pluto (see Below) and Aladdin that way..  As I have realized I'm not the only one who likes them and some of the collections have not been there. But I also learned if you ask the cast member at the Disney Store, they might have more for trade in the back, some special ones perhaps...

Have A Magical Day!!!

I love the Robots..

Can you believe someone let this go?

One of my best acquisions, lol

Do you have a Disney collection? 

Thanks for stopping by  :-).......

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  1. Lve this! I only trade at stores and in wdw. We have three more till we have our whole toy story collection!