07 August 2011

Vintage Disney Tray

It is amazing what you can find out and about, I am always on the look out at thrift stores, garage sales and ebay for old Disney collectibles. I started a couple of years looking for these special kinds of old Disney merchandise and this is one of my latest treasures.  Not only is it a map of Florida and it's cities surrounding Walt Disney World but, it has some movie characters like Tick Tock, Winnie the Pooh and King Louis. Mickey, Goofy and Donald are goofing around on the beach, but Minnie is missing for some reason. It is in really good condition too. I just love it..

I love the detail on this tray.
Do you collect "old" Disney Memorabilia? If so what is your most treasured piece?


  1. Nice post! I did one on some vintage Disney stuff I found a couple months ago!

    You can find it here: http://noprivacyatallaroundthisplace.blogspot.com/2011/05/some-vintage-disney-stuff.html


  2. Thanks Beth and V. I will check that out..

  3. What a terrific find! I love collecting too:) I hope you post more pics of your finds.

  4. Hi Diane. That is a nice tray, but did you know there are several versions of it? I did a post on them, and their designer Jack Olsen, here:


    The post even received a comment from his granddaughter! Too cool!