03 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Disney BLOG HOP

Just wanted to say Thanks to Deb, she is the best Hostess.Please stop by and sign up to meet new freiends and see some great Disney Pictures. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to comment, we love the comments...


I don't know how she didn't wake him up?
This picture was taken at Saratoga Springs Resort (DVC) and yes, I am famous for taking pictures while people are sleeping. It's usually a very funny moment. My kids move around a lot while they are sleeping as you can see. This was taken after a long night at Magic Kingdom, you know when the extra magic hours keep it open till 2am. We love taking advantage of the fact that everybody leaves around Midnight and we can get on any ride with hardly no wait and keep going and going. It's a late night but totally worth it.

Thank you for visiting, Diane.


  1. LOL! My son is a crazy sleeper as well. I need to remember to take some pics of how he ends up - it's wild!

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

  2. Thanks Amanda, I love taken these kids of pictures, so funny.

  3. My kids always preferred the EMH evenings to mornings- even when they were young. They looked this the "morning after" too! (Don't you wonder how they wake-up refreshed after sleeping like that??!) Adorable :D

  4. That's hysterical! I've always wanted to take sleeping pics of my son but I'm too afraid to wake him up with the flash - that's well worth the risk, though!

  5. Great shot! I was always a pretty crazy sleeper. I still am after 2 am Magic Kingdom nights. :)

  6. Yet another thing we have in common. I was noticing just yesterday how many photos I have of my travel party sleeping during vacation. A benefit of being the early riser, apparently. :o)

  7. I too love taking pictures of my kids sleeping. It's such a peaceful moment, they look so sweet. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment. Here to follow back. Have a wonderful day!

    Mary - It's a Sunkissed Life

  8. Too funny! I do it too!! Mine are older and wiser now. They hear me and wake up;P We always stay late for EMH. It's the best time in the park.

    Thanks for hopping with us,
    Deb @ Focused on the Magic

  9. HI DM--thank you for stopping by and yes I do wonder how they look so refreshed. I always feel hungover even with out drinking.LOL
    Thanks Casey and Jenn
    And believe they probably won't even notice you doing it, so try snapping a few photos, it's so much fun, they are so tired. LOL

  10. Thanks Melissa, I know I feel that way too. I feel so energized that night, but the morning I'm like a zombie.
    Hi Lucinda, yes it is fun getting the up and taking advantage of early rising.. I love showing them later.
    HI Mary & Welcome. It is a great memory watching them sleep

  11. HI Deb, thank you as always for the hop and for stopping by. I love those EMH, it's the best chance of feeling like your there alone at the parks.

  12. Diane, that ia so funny! All three of my kids move around while they are sleeping! I always wake up when they sleep ín our bed.;o) Thanks for stopping by and linking up! And thanks for following me! I´m following back! ;)
    Happy WW!

  13. That's a funny and cute photo. I used to take pictures of people sleeping but now I'm the one sleeping first most of the time haha. Have a magical day.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  14. lol!! Aww Bless! I'm sure she's gona love you when she's older for this!! :P lol!

  15. Thank you Verena, and welcome to. They do squirm a lot don't they..

    Thank you Book Girl, Have a magaical day too..

  16. And I thought my kids moved around a lot. Great pic!