24 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Disney BLOG HOP

Hilton Head Island's Mascot ~~~Shadow the Dog

I wanted to send a Big Thank You to Deb @ Focused on the Magic, for this week's Blog Hop..

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Shadow's Home here at Hilton Head!

She is so cute!!

Her little hide away.

She is a beautiful Golden Retriever

My Wordless Wednesday pictures are from my vacation this week. We have really enjoyed visiting Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort @ Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We love this seaside, laid back DVC resort because there are a bunch of family activities here. From the un-birthday parties, BBQ's, kayaking, swimming and smores by the fire pit. This is the 3rd DVC resort;  it opened in March of 1996.

One great benefit to being out in the country, is getting to know the resort's mascot, a dog named Shadow. A little more about Shadow, not only is she the mascot at the resort, she lives here too. Her handler takes her for walks around the resort and the guests are allowed to follow along. They pet and give her lots of love while he tells stories of the culture here in South Carolina.  As far as I know Shadow is the only Disney resort live-in mascot.

Thanks for stopping by :-), Hope you enjoyed getting to know Shadow, she is so sweet and it's one of the reasons our family loves to come back to Disney's Hilton Head resort. If you have any questions about Shadow, just let me know..


  1. What a super vacation spot! We've never been to a DVC outside of WDW. Looks like another item for THE list!!

  2. So sweet!! I would love to meet Shadow one day.

  3. What a great post!! It sounds like HH is a wonderful relaxing vacation! I love the Shadow pics and the HH info is very interesting!! We'll have to say hi when/if we go in Oct.(fingers crossed)

    Thanks so much for linking up today,
    Deb @ Focused on the Magic

  4. That is so cool! We've talked about vacationing there at some point, now I really want to! I'm glad you had a great time. :)

  5. great post! I'd love to visit one day!!

  6. Love the dog! looks so sweet.. And very cool about HHI.. I was wondering about the non park - dvc's... Hope you get to take advantage of Aulani and take good pictures for us!

  7. Thanks DM, It's a definite one to add on the list.

  8. Thanks Elrod,She is so sweet


    Thanks Deb, I always love this hop, the pictures are so awesome on it-- Always.. :-) I hope you guys get there, it is worth it..

  9. Thanks Melissa, HHI is a great place you should definitely check it out.

    Thanks Beth, You should, it's awesome...

    Thanks Jen, she is very sweet,The non-park's have a lot to do to without the rides, so you get to relax. We hope to get to Aulani soon..

  10. Very cool post! Thanks for sharing the story and pics! :-)

  11. I had no idea about shadow! That's SO cool! :D Thank you so much for sharing! She's adorable! :P

  12. Thank you Alyssa and Manda. She is a very special Dog. And cute tooo :-)