09 September 2011

Flashback Friday Pictures~~Wilderness Lodge & Playhouse Disney at MGM Studios

Today is my daughter Abby's 12th birthday and I wanted to dedicate my post to her today. She first went to Walt Disney World at 1 month old. My husband was going to Orlando for a conference and asked if we would go too, so as crazy as it sounds I agreed. We love going to Disney that much, that we would take a newborn on a vacation. That was our first stay at The Wilderness Lodge. We discovered what a great resort it was to just sit in the lobby and relax or go for a walk on the dock and see the geyser. Or perhaps take a boat to the Contemporary, another resort I was dying to see inside of with the monorail..

These pictures are from 2003 at Hollywood Studios but, back then it was Disney-MGM Studios.

Abby's favorite show (and mine too) was Bear in the Big Blue House. She loved pip and pop, tutter, ojo and Bear. Another favorite was Rollie, Pollie, Ollie. So when we got there to see Playhouse Disney with her favorites characters, the billboards outside were a great Picture Spot for us.

What the entrance used to look like

Rollie, Pollie, Ollie

Pip & Pop & Abby
With Princess Purse

One Magical Hat 

Abby enjoying her Mickey Ice Cream @HH this August

I want to thank Sarah @http://www.magicaldayswiththemouse.com/ for hosting on this awesome Friday. Stop by and check out all the flashbacks..

Have a Magical Day!!!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Abby! Love seeing all the pictures - I've never been to that resort or Hollywood Studios. ....someday...

  2. How cute is she in that pink top?! Love the smile!! Happy Birthday Abby! They grow too fast!

  3. Thank you Monica, you will enjoy both.