16 September 2011

Flashback Friday~~ Very Cute Pluto Pics at Animal Kingdom


I want to thank Sarah @http://www.magicaldayswiththemouse.com/ for hosting. Hope your having a happy Friday.

This Flashback goes back to the year 2003 and our March trip to Walt Disney World. My kids were just starting to get into the autographs and finding all the characters we could. Abby was 4 and Liam was 2, so their reactions both to the characters and from the characters were priceless. They loved hugging them and talking to them, even if they didn't answer back, the gestures said it all. And Pluto is not easy to find, but we did in Animal Kingdom.

A bunch of the characters were at Rafiki's Planet Watch Area. Sometimes we skip the train ride out to Rafiki's because we are usually exhausted by this point and feel like it a part of the park we can skip. This time we were glad we didn't. There is some really great stuff to see while on the train, like we saw some of the places the animals are kept at night, the kids loved that. The train ride itself is great and learning a little about the Earth is an added bonus at Rafiki's.

When we found Pluto, he is one of my favorites, his cute, adorable antics made us laugh all day. Pluto certainly took a liking to Liam and I'm glad he wasn't afraid well Dad was there for support too. While I'm taking the pictures, I can really see the interaction from another point of view, kind of standing back and capturing all the magic.

Pluto is so cute, Nose to Nose

He loves to goof around, no pun intended

Let me pinch that cheek

See Pocahontas to the left, I know she thinking I have to get over there~autographs

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  1. I love Pluto too. We have some great interaction memories with him too. I think it's funny to see Pocahontas sitting down in the corner. Great flashback!

  2. Those are some great pics! Pluto looks huge next to the little one. :)

  3. You're right! They are super cute Pluto photos!

  4. Love these pics, thanks for sharing them! Your little ones look so sweet with the characters. :)

  5. Great pics! My kiddos are so little, we are looking forward to taking them in the years to come!

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