30 September 2011

Flashback Friday~Mickey/Minnie Get Big Hugs

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I want to thank Sarah for hosting and wish everyone a Happy Friday  :-)

These pictures are in the front entrance area of Animal Kingdom and  from our 2004 trip.  We were so delighted to see Mickey and Minnie together. They were very taken with Abby and She was ready to jump into their arms..

I love this shot of Cinderella's Castle. I thought the birthday cake look was awesome for the celebration of 25 years.

In celebrating the 40th Anniversary coming up this October 1st, I thought we take a look back 15 years ago.


  1. I always love seeing Mickey and Minnie in their different outfits! How cute is Minnie?! I got to see the castle like that too, but I don't think I have any photos. :( One day I'll come across my mom's stash of photos I'm sure, and I'll have a blast looking at them. She might even have a cake castle picture.

  2. How cute. Love their outfits. Still unsure about the cake.

  3. I would love a photo with Mickey and Minnie in their explorer outfits!!

  4. Such sweet pics! I love Mickey and minnie in all of their different clothes! Also, I liked the Castle too even though most didn't. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was there for two of our trips and I just remember the memories

  5. I was there when the castle looked like that! It was AWESOME! Of course, that was back when they had Alien Encounter, and right before Crash Test Dummies opened... I suddenly feel very old... Hi! New follower from the Monday Mingle hop! I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back! Thanks! :) Through the Eyes of a Tiger