06 October 2011

Dreams Do Come True

This is one of my favorite classic Disney movies. I was so happy to see it released on blu-ray in September.  I thought the story behind Dumbo, now on it's 70th Anniversary was so cute and heart warming, a true story of friendship. It was originally released October 23, 1941. The story about Dumbo is  one of those classic's where you always root for the underdog and sometimes we all feel like the underdog. It's when you have that one person (like Timothy) in your corner to pull you back up, you realize how lucky you are. Dumbo's story is truly one of where Dreams do come true. Dreams to do or be whatever you want to be.

Enjoy this story about master storyteller Joe Grant. One of my favorite quotes from Grant's storytelling is

What can we give them to think about tonight, tomorrow and years from now?”  I guess we know the answer. It is one of the most popular attractions, and I think no matter what your age you love the story of Dumbo.

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  1. "Out of my way assassin!"  One of the best lines ever in a Disney movie.