10 October 2011

Soarin' To New Heights

Soarin’ to New Heights

Courtesy of Disney

It was the last day of our Walt Disney World vacation, there was still a MUST DO left on our list, Soarin’.  No breakfast reservations today, we were on a mission.  Since we were staying at the Yacht Club Resort we would just walk over to the World Showcase entrance.  We waited patiently with a couple dozen other guests for our chance to enter the park.  It was amazingly quiet when we heard music, LOUD music…As we approached the Main Gate we saw it, the mass influx of people.  The tidal wave of people was unbelievable, it looked like the Beatles had reunited for a final farewell concert.  Despite the request not to, people were definitely running, they seemed to be drawn to it like ants to a picnic…The Land Pavilion…Soarin’!  Suddenly we began to walk a little faster, not running mind you, more like power walking.  We could see it’s distinctive roof in the distance as the crowd thickened, we stood a little taller and tried to make ourselves appear more powerful like some kind of wild animal determined to get it’s prey.  As we approached the entrance to The Land Pavilion it was all the Cast Members could do to keep everyone under control. Upon entering the crowd was headed in one direction, down the escalator to Soarin’…I felt sorry for the poor guy inviting people in to see Circle of Life with Timon and Pumbaa and being totally ignored.  We rushed down the escalator to secure our spot in line, about half the crowd running to the Fast Pass kiosk, the rest rushing to enter the que.

As we entered the long winding path to hop on board our hang glider I began to see the signs and warnings. “If you are afraid of heights…”  In all of the hustle and bustle to get there  I had forgotten we would be hang gliding over California, what the heck was I thinking?? My heart began to beat faster, I know because it was pounding in my ears. My palms were drenched and I am sure my face went white.  I kept telling myself “Don’t be silly, it’s just like watching a movie.”  Wait a minute, I hate watching this stuff in movies!! I had promised Dakota we would do this, I couldn’t let him down.  Then we saw our guide asking the number of people in our party, next thing you know we were in the gate to board our hang glider.  What luck, we were in the first group of riders for the day, there was no time to back out!!

Thank goodness we weren’t in the front row!  We sat in our seats and went to buckle ourselves in, wouldn’t you know it I had a hard time buckling myself in. Do you think it could have been nerves?? We secured our things, got our instructions from the flight attendants, the doors opened and we were off!  It was amazing to fly above the clouds, but you couldn’t have pried my hands off the bars beside me with a crowbar!! I was amazed at how realistic everything was, including the butterflies in my stomach…From flying over the ocean, to picking up my feet so that they didn’t touch the tops of the pines, to seeing a birds eye view of wine country to the Golden Gate Bridge, it was spectacular!  The Imagineers did such a fabulous job with the attraction, I love how you can feel the wind in your face and smell the salty air!

Courtesy of Disney

My legs were a little weak as we disembarked from the ride, but I was extremely proud of myself for facing my fear.  Dakota loved it as much as he thought he would, and Mike said it was his favorite part of the entire trip.  Now to go back and experience it all over again!!

I want to thank my Friend Donna Kay for being my guest blogger today and please visit her wonderful blog. Disney Donna Kay is the creator of Mentoring Mondays and if you haven't checked out her interviews every Monday, they are really great and give some great tips.


  1. It was an awesome post Donna Kay, I had similar feeling going up that high. Really not for me. But the ride seems truly amazing.

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  3. I can smell the oranges and pine trees now!!  You capture the ride so well- it really is a crowd pleaser.  (We always wish it were just a bit longer...)  :D

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  5. So fun!  I used to be a CM at Soarin! =)

  6. Thank you Kristina, Bobby for stopping by and welcome..