18 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Haunted Mansion

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Fun Facts

The Haunted Mansion is one of the original Magic Kingdom attractions, having opened on October 1, 1971.

I love the Bat on the Top
 And Here's the 411 on the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a spooky tour of an ominous haunted house in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom theme park,where a supernatural Ghost Host introduces you to his closest 999 dearly-departed friends.
Don't worry—too much. While Haunted Mansion contains some mildly frightening subject matter, there is no gore, the ghostly residents are friendly and the experience is appropriate for all ages.
Enter the mysteriously well-maintained exterior of an 18th-century mansion and find yourself in an ornate estate where anything can happen—and often does. Walking past the entrance foyer and into the ghostly portrait chamber, the air cools and the sense of dread begins to grow. Suddenly, you realize that you are in a room with no windows and no doors!
Moving along, you board a "Doom Buggy" and begin your supernatural journey. Your Ghost Host takes you through several dusty rooms, where you can see eerie signs of ethereal awakening. Soon, you encounter the mansion's resident medium, Madame Leota, who invokes the mansion's ghost and ghouls to show themselves.
What follows has to be seen to not be believed, but suffice to say that you've never before seen the dead so lively. The conclusion is definitely more merry than scary, but the sight of wraiths and skeletons—even of the kindest constitution—is something you're sure to remember as long as you live.
And maybe a bit longer.
At the end of your tour, to help you remember your visit to the mansion, a team of 3 cheery hitchhiking ghosts volunteer to follow you home. It's no use trying to dissuade them; they're deadly serious about their duty.
The Haunted Mansion is the imposing colonial manor darkening the eastern banks of the Rivers of America in the northwest corner of Liberty Square.

Without a doubt this is one of our favorite attractions. I just love the whole look of the mansion, the dark spooky cemetery and scary music playing all to set the scary mood but, not to scary. It's my husband's number one ride and a must every time we are there. We buy all the merchandise we can find, which has gotten easier over the last couple of years. Years ago they didn't have much just a small cart outside the Mansion and one year I think it was in the shop on the corner as you came down from Peter Pan and Small World. Sorry this was not very Wordless. LOL.

Where does it rank on your list of rides? Thanks for stopping by ;-)


  1. The Disneyland version ranks as my top ride!  It's tied with Jungle Cruise...I can't decide between the cheesy jokes and the fun ghosts! :-)

  2. Fun post! The Haunted Mansion is definitely one I have to do everytime I visit the parks, but it's not until they give it the holiday overlay in Disneyland that it moves to the top of my list! :)

  3. Beautiful pics and great info on the mansion!

  4. Thanks for the Haunted 411:) I too love the bat at the top. The perfect Disney touch.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your Wordless Wednesday,

    Deb @ Focused on the Magic

  5. Haunted Mansion is a Magic Kingdom must-do for me! ~ Kathy Kelly

  6. The Haunted Mansion is definitely one of our favorite rides!  Maybe second only to Pirates of the Caribbean for me.  :)

  7. The Haunted Mansion has always been my favorite attraction. Its usually the first thing we ride when we get to the Magic Kingdom. 

  8. This ranks up on the top of the list for me. I LOVE the Haunted Mansion!!

  9. Me too Lucinda, thanks for stopping by

  10. We love it too, thank  for stopping by

  11. Me too, thanks for stopping by Kathy.

  12. I would love to see the one at DL, sounds awesome..

  13. This is a definite must.. top 5 definitely. I love the info! Leota's real voice was apparently too shrill, so she only voices the small Leota at the exit!