10 November 2011

Guest Blogger ~~ Manda's Awesome Visit to Walt Disney World


First I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Diane for having me! I can't wait to share just some of my thoughts about my trip to Walt Disney World!

I was so so excited to go on so many attractions that I'd read about on all the different Disney blogs! The first I headed to was the Haunted Mansion - I couldn't wait to see how it compared to Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris! Boy was I in for a treat - it was awesome! Similar to Phantom Manor in some ways ... but very different in others :) I also couldn't wait to try Space Mountain! I already knew it was totally different to Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris, mostly because 'mine' goes upside down lol! I didn't think it would match up to the Dlp version but it was actually a lot of fun! And the seats are real comfy too ... like going to space in a little sofa chair lol!

Too excited to stop and take a decent photo lol!

I also loved Peter Pan's Flight - the Magic Kingdom version is very similar to Dlp but there was one major difference ... it's smoother than Dlp's! I can't figure this out because the Magic Kingdom version is quite a bit older than the Dlp one! Maybe it's because the Dlp ones have 2 rows for sitting in instead of 1, which makes the ships heavier ... who knows! :P Don't get me wrong, I love Peter Pan's Flight in Dlp ... but in the Magic Kingdom version there was more of a feeling that you were actually flying over London! 

But one attraction that sticks in my mind ... one that I haven't heard a lot about and one of the most under-rated in my opinion ... is Spaceship Earth! With all the reading of Disney blogs that I do you might be surprised to know that I didn't even realise Spaceship Earth was a dark ride attraction in itself! I couldn't believe it! On my approach I was taken aback by this beautiful mural at the entrance!

I must have been holding everyone up I was staring at it for so long! :P It really is amazing!

I was thrilled to hop aboard my Omnimover and snuggle up with my bf, giddy at the wonder of what was to come! I always end up watching attraction footage online and sorta spoil it for myself sometimes lol, but I had no idea what was waiting for me inside Spaceship Earth! Ascending up that dark tunnel with the stars all around us was kinda romantic :P And all the different scenes were so interesting! I might sound like a geek lol, but I really enjoyed learning a thing or two along the way, and also contemplating what a tiny part of Earth' history we really are ... but also admiring the differences we've made and continue to make :)

Another reason I enjoyed this attraction so much was that it had a very 80s feel to it - I don't know if this is just because it's one of the original attractions from opening day in 1982 or because I always associate the symbol of Spaceship Earth with the 80s lol - either way it was fun to forget the outside world and imagine I was living back in a favourite decade of mine! I wasn't even born until the late 80's lol! But I'm a total 80's fan - the music, the movies ... and ... the fashion! ... only joking! :P But it did seem a lot of fun back then!

The end of the ride was just beautiful :) seeing Earth as if we were in space among the stars was so cool! And the touch screen questionnaire part was so funny! Seeing myself and my bf hop into a spaceship and zip away for a futuristic vacation was pretty neat! :D

What do you guys think of Spaceship Earth? I overheard an excited dad in the queue telling his kids it's changed a lot over the years ... I wonder what it was like on opening day! :)

Thank you so much once again to Diane for having me! She is such an awesome Disney pal! :) Be sure to check out the rest of her wonderful blog! :D Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend's almost here! Woo hoo! :D

I want to say a really BIG Thank You to Manda for being my guest blogger today. I have loved her blog from the very start, it is such fun to read and her pictures/recipes and Info about Disneyland Paris are the best. Thank you Disney Pal ;-)

Please stop by and check out her Blog @http://www.mandasdisneyblog.com/


  1. HI Manda, I loved your post.
    It was great to hear about the comparisons to DLP and all the new experiences you had @WDW. I loved hearing your thoughts on Spaceship Earth, you are right not enough is said about how great it is and that is always our first stop at Epcot. Thanks again for being my guest today.  ;-)

  2. Thank you so much Diane! And thank you for having me! :D

  3. I guess we take Spaceship Earth for granted!  I have to ride it each time, but for some reason I don't list is as one of my favorites... great review!! :)

  4. I know that is true but I love the right especially coming down backwards..

  5. I love Spaceship Earth and  ride it each time! Funny the way so many people complain about it. I don't get that. I loved your post, it's so interesting to hear the comparisons. Sounds like you had an awesome trip!!

  6. Thrilled to hear about your trip-  I love your fresh takes on our "Home Park"!!