18 November 2011

Hidden Mickey's~~Celebrating Mickey Mouse's Birthday

When I traveled to Disney's Hilton Head Island in August, I found that they love to play the Hidden Mickey's Scavenger Hunt here too! I'm glad that this is something that has traveled to Hilton Head from Walt Disney World because our family loves to find them. We have the book to find the Hidden Mickey's at WDW and it always goes on vacation with us. We look everywhere for them, so it was great to find out that at a resort away from Walt Disney World would have Hidden Mickey's too. This is my tribute to Mickey Mouse's Birthday, which is today. Hope you enjoy it and learning more about The DVC Resort on Hilton Head Island..

 When you arrive to check-in at Live Oak Lodge on Hilton Head, one of the things you can ask for is the Hidden Mickey check list. It has clues included for you but, don't be so quick to leave the desk there is one behind it on the wall and one below you on the reception desk. Adjacent to check in you then go into the Big Murggies Den, which is the part of the Live Oak Lodge and contains the entertainment room with a TV and games. There is a pool table, sofas, checkers and many Hidden Mickey's in here.

These are some of the Hidden Mickey we found, some were in pictures, one by the fireplace and even on the walls in the game room. There were so many things to look at in here, from the nostalgic pictures, games and things from from an old cabin in the woods.

The Mickey is right below the "L"

This is the sign behind the desk at check in, full view

This is right where you stand to check in, the desk has a great painting

Here is part of the desk with the Hidden Mickey

This is in the game room
 The fireplace had a lot of details including this Hidden Mickey on the side. This is a real working fireplace which in the cooler months is a great meet and greet place.They have story time in here and the kids can come with their PJ's on.

In the game room

One part of the Game room

As you walk the grounds you will also find a ton of pictures on all of the buildings, some of them need to be looked at closely for they may have something in them. This picture is right outside check in, it plays on the Steam Boat Willie theme. Look carefully at who is driving the boat..
This sign is outside the Lodge where check in is


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