22 December 2011

Disney Christmas Parade & The Rockefeller Tree

Check out the schedule below to find out when the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade is airing in your area on December 25th.
12PM - 2PM Eastern Standard Time
(10AM-12PM in NY, Philadelphia and Raleigh)
(11:30AM -1:30PM in Miami)

11AM - 1PM Central Standard Time

(10AM-12PM in Chicago and Houston)

10AM - 12PM Mountain Standard Time

9AM - 11AM Pacific Standard Time 

Mickey and Minnie Ornament

Disney Christmas Printable - Mickey and Minnie Ornament

Download the template here:
Mickey and Minnie Ornament

Craft Materials:
Scissors, ribbon or string at least 9 inches long, glue, and tape or stapler

    Mickey Mouse
  1. Print out the ornament on regular paper or use cardstock for a sturdier ornament. Cut out all three Mickey pieces. (All three pieces make one ornament.)
  2. Fold each piece in half so the white side is facing out. Re-open the pieces and place them picture side down on a table or flat surface.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon or string about 9 inches long. Fold the string in half and tape or staple it together at the ends.
  4. Cover the left side of the first ornament piece (pieces can be used in any order) with glue. Place the end of the ribbon or string into the glue as close to the center of the ornament as possible and press down firmly.
  5. Place the second ornament piece (picture side up) on top of the ornament piece that has the layer of glue. Make sure the pieces line up so the ribbon is stuck between the two pieces. Fold back the flaps that are not glued together.
  6. Spread glue onto the remaining white flaps of the ornament. Press the last piece of the ornament into the glue. Make sure the edges line up. Your ornament is finished!

My trip to New York City last week was so awesome. I not only got visit the famous Times Square Disney Store but, I also got to see "the tree". The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. At this time of night, it was surrounded by hundreds of people and security guards. It is as beautiful in person as I imagined. Yes, I have seen it before but it has been many years since the last time and I have some pictures to remember it by. They are as follows

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