06 December 2011

My First Disney Memories

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Peach. Enjoy the ride as we share memories of our first trip to a Disney park as an adult. 

My love for Disney began not as a child, you see I had never gotten to the most wonderful place on Earth until I was 18. At this point in my life I was had recently graduated High School and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so heading to Florida seemed like a good idea. But my destination wasn't WDW it was the beach. I wasn't interested in Walt Disney World too much, I didn't know that much about it really. After my family decided to go to the parks for one day, I could pick which one to visit and back then it was Magic Kingdom or Epcot, so I choose Epcot. It seemed like it would be a lot more fun than Magic Kingdom for my age group. The funny thing is I don't remember anything at all except for what I called the "big ball" (Spaceship Earth). The other funny thing, I have nothing to remember this trip by except the ticket. I bought no souvenirs, not a one.

Here is the only thing I have from that one day visit.

Years later in 1990, I met someone at college, he was a big Disney Fan, so his sister and her boyfriend had suggested a winter vacation to Walt Disney World for 3 days and a cruise on the "Big Red Boat" for 4 days, just the four of us. Well, I was game since I had never been on a cruise, again I was more interested in that part. When we arrived at WDW, I was in awe because, I had never stayed on property before and our room was at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

This is a postcard from our room

I thought the whole resort with the Caribbean theme was so beautiful, remember I love the beach. Our room was in the part of the resort they called Jamaica. I remember thinking this resort is so big, the bus would ride around in a circle picking everyone up seemed to take forever. The resort itself had a great big pool and I remember ordering a lot of fruity blue drinks at the restaurant they had in the main building.

Postcard of the Pool
The Lagoon

One huge difference from the last time I was there in '87 was I had another park to choose from The Disney-MGM Studios had just opened in May and it sounded so exciting. A whole park based on the movies and a Star Wars ride too. We were both so excited about going on Star Tours which had just opened in December, and getting a look at the outside of the attraction with a movie set of Star Wars props was just too cool. We were both huge Star Wars fans and when we got there and saw some of the characters outside for pictures and autographs, well who could ask for anything more? With the crowds being big we set our sights on Chewbacca, he was available and we got a couple of really cool pics with him.

It was great trip because this time I took a bunch of pictures and remember that as being my First Disney trip. I bought two gigantic Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger stuffed animals, that I still have today. My husband being a big Roger Rabbit fan bought a Roger stuffed animal. It is amazing how Disney changes lives...

Me, Pooh, Tigger, Roger

And that someone I met at college back in 1990 when I went on this trip, well I married him a few years later and we have been together ever since. Our love for Disney has only gotten bigger and bigger and we share that with our children now.

Will, Chewbacca and Me

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  1. Love that Chewbacca picture!  Definitately a period piece. : )  My husband and I also met through love of Disney so it is great hearing the stories of others.

  2. Thanks Mary, it is a funny picture, yes I don't look like that anymore funny how Chewbacca does, lol. Cool that you guys have the same story...

  3. I love stories where loved ones indoctrinate people in their love of Disney. ;-) How awesome that you stayed at Caribbean Beach AND took a cruise!  

  4. That is a wonderful story!  I'm so used to having had Disney around me all my life that I love hearing stories about how someone fell in love with Disney more as an adult and what drew them in.  Thank you so much for sharing and I love those pictures!  :)

  5. Thank for stopping by Joanna, It was a pretty awesome vacation

  6. Thanks Christina. Disney has that magical power ;-)

  7. I love your story.  My husband didn't catch the Disney bug until he was an adult. I think it may be stronger if you catch it later. :)

  8. Thank you Melissa, for stopping by and I couldn't agree more about catching it later ;-)

  9. Great story!  So awesome that you met someone to introduce you to the magic! :-)

  10. What a sweet story! It's amazing how the magic gets hold of you ;)

  11. Even though you have only one souvenir of your first visit in 1987...it's a very nice one. I love it!

  12. What a sweet story Diane!!  I remember the Big Red Boat- by the time we were ready to book it was defunct.  We were "forced" to wait for the Magic...  Loved your story, and its total happy ending!!

  13. I loved re-reading this Diane. PS. Now you live next to the Mouse. Another Disney success story!!

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    Tried twice prior to leave a message...sorry to be so brief...

    I left you a few thoughts on my previous trips to WDW...sorry that the com got lost.

    May I humbly ask that you link back to my blog or that you grab the HTML for the Mem Monday hop to be placed on your sidebar?

    Again, sorry that this com is so brief; time is short and my other two coms got lost.

    I appreciate that you linked to my hop. Thank you so much.

  15. Aw, what a great way to meet your hubby! I don't know how I missed this post the first time! I'm so glad I got to read it! It's so wonderful that you both got to go back and live in FL after all these years!

  16. That's one way of knowing that your spouse is a Disney fan! I love reading this - I'm a MB newbie compared to you guys! It's so great to go back and learn all about you again.

  17. Thanks Donna :-) It is a great dream - Now if I could get you down here too

  18. HI Chris thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sorry for the trouble but this is an old post and maybe that was the problem.

  19. Thanks Deb :-) It been a great adventure with only more to come...

  20. Thanks Rosanne, it's not easy writing about yourself. I'm glad you stopped by and were glad to have you..

  21. I loved reading this again. So glad we finally met in person! :)