30 January 2012

D23 ~ Snow White New Spring Cover

Since becoming a member of D23, I have enjoyed some awesome covers on the magazines, in addition to all the great articles inside. It has been a Disney Fan's delight to read all about the happenings inside The Disney World. One reason in particular that I love being a D23 Gold Member is because of the special perks members receive, like getting the magazine mailed directly to me. Even more special this time is a removable replica animation cel from Snow White included, can't wait for that.

The upcoming Spring Edition features Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in a half color, half sepia tone picture. It is beautiful and I love the way Snow White is in color.

This is what's inside this month's issue.

Disney twenty-three magazine pays tribute to 75 years of Disney Feature Animated films.  D23: The Official Disney Fan Club shares rare images, exclusive interviews, and captivating articles celebrating 52 unforgettable movies. D23 devotes its entire Spring issue of Disney twenty-three magazine to the remarkable legacy and influence of Disney animated films. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the animated classics of tomorrow, the official Disney fan club takes readers on a fantastic journey from the drawing board to the silver screen.

SPRING ISSUE Available Nationwide February 14th

Click on this link to learn more about D23 ~~

Thanks for stopping by and which D23 cover is your favorite???

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24 January 2012

Behind The Scenes of Fantasy Land

The new map of what it will look like completed
During our recent vacation to Walt Disney World, I was so anxious to get to the Magic Kingdom. We hadn't been there in almost 2 years and had heard many new things were happening at the parks. One BIG thing is the new expansion at Magic Kingdom in FantasyLand. The place where you go to ride on Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, "it's a small world", Mad Tea Party, Snow White Scary Adventure and The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh these are just a few of the attractions you can find in this magical place.

Slated to open in Fall of 2012, the new Fantasyland promises to have a brand new castle based on one of my all time favorite movies "Beauty and the Beast". Beast's Castle will join Princesses Ariel and Snow White who are also getting newer more updated attractions. Snow White ride will be a mine cart ride, very exciting and Ariel will be getting her deluxe grotto with Prince Eric's Castle.

Dumbo will  also being moved to a different location called Storybook Circus. This new area is where Mickey's Toon Town used to be. More exciting news is there will be two Dumbo rides and a Casey Jr. train just like in the movie. We were very happy to hear Goofy's Barnstorming will BE returning to this area as well and of course built by The Great Goofini.

The Old Toon Town Area

After we had walked back there and saw the big fence that I could not see over I was even more determined to find out what was back there. We had gone to the Magic Kingdom on Extra Magic Hours so we stayed till Midnight, but we had gotten there late so by the time I got to the back it was dark. We had gotten on Dumbo and low and behold even in the dark, the elephants went up and I could see over the fence. I thought brillaint idea to ride Dumbo and it would make me tall enough to see over at all the contruction going on back there. Well it was not as profitable as I would have hoped, I saw the outline of Beast's Castle and that was it.

Beast's Castle

Being the Determined Crazed Disney Fan I decided to go back in the morning for a better look and a great look I got. My husband also determined to help me and was very curious too, decided since he is taller than me, he would hold the camera over his to get some of the shots. He said it made him 9 feet tall, lol. Then he decided to stand on wall by the Mad Tea Party Ride and hit the zoom to get a better peak of the Castle and more.

Prince Eric's Castle

I'm very excited for the completion of Fantasyland and to go into these two new castles. Some parts of it are said to be opening this summer, let's hope. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what your thinking about this new expansion...

What are you looking forward to in the new additions of Fantasyland? What do you miss from the old Mickey's Toon Town Fair? Anything? or do you think it needed to be updated?

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21 January 2012

Collecting Disney Magic - My favorite thing!!!

Collect a Little Magic

The Disney Gallery

This article gives a lot of good tips about how to collect Disney pins, art, etc. and keep your collection in good shape.

My personal Disney collection includes coffee mugs, pins, Vinylmations, key chains, art, cells and bags, etc.. One thing I have started as a Disney Tradition is to bring home something with the new logo from that year, it changes every year and whether it's a picture frame, bumper sticker or mug from Disney World, I have a reminder from that year. 

I love collecting and I pick up new additions every year. It is like bringing home a piece of the most happiest place on Earth. Thanks for stopping by and Check out some of my collections;-).

What's in your Disney collection??

Park Starz Vinylmations

Valentine 2012 Vinylmation

An ever-growing number of Disney fans have taken the jump to owning a slice of Disney for their own. Whether it's a lanyard full of pins to keep and trade, a portfolio of exquisite original Disney art, or a roomful of everything Winnie the Pooh, a lot of us are Disney collectors.

We've put together a little guide to starting your collection (it doesn't have to cost a fortune!), maximizing your fun, and caring for your treasures.

Where to Start

You don't have to stick to the beaten path – almost anything is collectible. You can do a theme collection – for instance Fairies, Autopia memorabilia, Disney TV. Or collect a particular type of object – animation art, Disney sunglasses, key chains, postcards, promotional drink cups, figurines, Christmas ornaments, dolls, jewelry, or hats. Or only collect a particular era (maybe the fabulous '50s), or artist, or film. The possibilities are endless!

As our examples show, your collection doesn't have to be expensive either – keychains and postcards start at around a dollar each. Many people begin collecting inexpensive theme park souvenirs, then gradually add vintage or unique objects as their interest and knowledge grows.

Displaying your beautiful Disney collection adds to the fun. Think of interesting ways to show off your treasures: ornament a Christmas tree with Disney keychains, put postcards in shadowboxes, or adorn a backpack with pins.

Fill gaps in your collection by trading with other collectors. It's a lot of fun! Collector's groups make it easy to meet people who share your interests. If you like the social aspect of collecting, don't miss Disneyana events that let you learn more about collecting and make new friends.

If you're interested in collecting one-of-a-kind, possibly high-ticket items like original art or historical autographs, how can you protect yourself from fraud? There are a few things you can do to make wise purchase decisions:

Choose known, reputable sources, like Disney Auctions, DisneyStore.com, galleries carrying official Disney items (such as Courvoisier Galleries®), or the shops at Disney Theme Parks.

Research an item BEFORE you bid or buy. Learn what it should look like, and about how much it's worth. Ask the seller any questions you have, and only buy when you feel confident.

Caring for Your Collection

Some collections are easier to care for than others. Your hat collection probably just needs occasional dusting, while if you decide to invest in priceless one-of-a-kind art pieces, you'll be concerned with framing, display, and possibly even insurance issues.

Local climate conditions can really affect the items in your collection. If you have valuable pieces, talk to an experienced local framer about dealing with extreme humidity or dryness if these are issues where you live.

A little care in placement can keep your framed art or other paper-based collectibles safe. Hang art no higher than eye-level (heat and humidity rise). Avoid direct sunlight when placing pieces for display. Never hang a framed picture (or any other heavy object!) over a bed or baby's crib.

Framing materials should be of the highest quality. Don't place glass over framed art; UV-protection acrylic, which filters out many of the UV rays that can damage art, is a better choice. Ideally, choose a framer who specializes in the type of material you collect – whether it's stamps, animation cells, or works on paper.

Finally, don't over clean – sometimes art fares best if left alone. Don't use harsh cleaning products, abrasives, or hot water to clean your Disney sculptures, pins, or fine art! Gold leaf and painted details can be removed, surfaces can be scratched, and porcelain can even crack outright if exposed to too much heat. Dust with a soft cloth – if more cleaning is needed for a valuable object, it's better to have a professional do it than take a chance on ruining your treasure.

And most importantly ... have fun. Your collection should be a source of joy!

20 January 2012

Flashback Friday~ Disney Princess Breakfast Pics from 2004

Focused on the Magic

~~~  Today I'm sharing my Disney Pictures From the Year 2004 ~~~

I love Flashback Friday's, I get to look back at when my kids were younger and would Dress up and get autographs, luckily they still want to do the Meet and Greet with the characters. I know how much I love meeting Mickey and getting the family picture with him.

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Liam was watching so patiently

Not to excited about meeting Mulan, but she was.

WDW Cinderella's Castle was celebrating the 50 Years Disney Land

18 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Water at D ~ World

Focused on the Magic

Welcome to my Almost Wordless Wednesday. Today we are showing some awesome pictures of Water in the Disney World. My Pics were taken from our recent trip to WDW at Caribbean Beach Resort and they have the prettiest lagoon which we are featuring today..

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Enjoying the view at Caribbean Beach

Cool Palm Tree in BareFoot Bay at  Caribbean Beach
Thanks for stopping by ;-)  Have A Magical Day !!!

12 January 2012

Disney's Hilton Head Resort in the Winter Time

On our way back from Walt Disney World, we decided to impulsively stop at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort. Yes, we had no reservation and our goal was to drive at least to Virginia and get a room there. But, just as we were getting close and saw the signs for Hilton Head, I looked at my husband and I could tell he was thinking the same thing. If we call I'm sure they have room because it's the low season for Hilton Head and because we are DVC, we can use our points and not have to pay cash for a room.
Your Daily Activities

We have been there many times in both hot and cold weather. And as in the busy summer season, there are many activities in the winter. The pool is still heated to about 70 degrees, the hard part is if it's a little cold getting out. The resort does provide big fluffy towels that are in your room, and two around you should be good to keep you warm. The average high temperature in January is around 59 and the low is 40 but, our days were in the 60's. You can get lucky and the weather from Florida will follow you.

Some of the activities other than swimming are :
  1. Shopping at the Mercantile Store
  2. Eating a couple of Mickey Ice Cream Bars
  3. Going in the Hot tub @ a steamy 98 degrees
  4. Arts & Crafts : making bracelets
  5. Fishing
  6. Catching Crabs of the pier (net is included in price)
  7. Dolphin Excursions
  8. Kayaking
  9. Shuffleboard
  10. Camp Fire at night including Smores

There are many activities but, my favorite is waiting to meet and pet Shadow the Mascot at the resort.
She is a six year old Golden Retriever and she also has a schedule when she is at the resort so you don't miss her.  

SO Cute

She's Smiling

They just love that Shadow

And with all that to do you can just enjoy your villa and do nothing or sit on you deck and rock the afternoon away. This resort is quiet and secluded so you can just lay in a hammock or find a hidden spot and read. There are also Hidden Mickey's for you to find too. There is a playground for the kids so as they are enjoying themselves in an enclosed playground you can take it easy too..

Disney's Beach House is currently being updated so it's closed for now, but that doesn't mean you can't go to the beach. There are many around and you just ask and they will point you in the right direction..

Not Disney's Actual Beach House but Close
Thanks for stopping by and have a Magical Disney Day !!!

If you have any questions about Disney's Hilton Head Resort let me know, it is our home resort in the Disney Vacation Club..

11 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ Characters Big & Small

Focused on the Magic

Just returning from our trip to Walt Disney World, I was able to take so many pictures, hundreds everyday in fact. I was inspired by Deb and her great pics every week, so I went there to take a photo of everything.
I love this idea of characters big and small, because it describes everyone. I want to thank DEB our hostess for this great idea and HOP aboard our happy Disney Hop...

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This is just magical for me

My 2 characters

Everybody loves the Mickey Ice Cream POP

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04 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ Firsts at Walt Disney World

I want to thank Deb for hosting and coming up with this wonderful idea. I have the privilege of being at Walt Disney World on January 1st and our first time in the Pirates of the Caribbean themed room. It's been a great vacation so far and here are some of my January First's.

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Pirates Room at Caribbean Beach

03 January 2012

Embarrassed at Disney

Most Embarrassing Moment in Disney

Welcome to those of you joining me from Joanna and her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs and those of you just hopping aboard, I am the 2nd stop on the Magical Blogorail Peach.

This month's story is about most embarrassing moments at the parks in this case it takes place at Walt Disney World, well as I thought back over the last few years of trips I cannot remember one that involved me but my husband, yes he had one.

One of our family traditions is to get haircuts and/or get our kids hair decorated with paint and sparkles at the Main Street Barber Shop next to the Fire Station. The cast members are always so sweet and take such good care of them, making their experience so memorable.

Their hair always comes out perfect and my daughter looks like a princess. But, this one time my husband wanted to get a haircut too and that's when the lady who cut his hair added some additional pizazz..

 Well when he found out, he turned red and went right into the bathroom and washed it out.. I guess we were laughing to much but not at him with him. The cast member who cut his hair asked him and he said yes. He thought he was getting Mickey Mouse's head but, she had a great sense of humor..

I thought it was great and so did everyone else, so next time you're in the Magic Kingdom stop by the Barber Shop and ask the cast member to decorate your head with some paint and sparkles...

P.S. Take a picture quickly before it disappears...  ;-)

That's the Mickey Head he was suppose to get

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