03 January 2012

Embarrassed at Disney

Most Embarrassing Moment in Disney

Welcome to those of you joining me from Joanna and her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs and those of you just hopping aboard, I am the 2nd stop on the Magical Blogorail Peach.

This month's story is about most embarrassing moments at the parks in this case it takes place at Walt Disney World, well as I thought back over the last few years of trips I cannot remember one that involved me but my husband, yes he had one.

One of our family traditions is to get haircuts and/or get our kids hair decorated with paint and sparkles at the Main Street Barber Shop next to the Fire Station. The cast members are always so sweet and take such good care of them, making their experience so memorable.

Their hair always comes out perfect and my daughter looks like a princess. But, this one time my husband wanted to get a haircut too and that's when the lady who cut his hair added some additional pizazz..

 Well when he found out, he turned red and went right into the bathroom and washed it out.. I guess we were laughing to much but not at him with him. The cast member who cut his hair asked him and he said yes. He thought he was getting Mickey Mouse's head but, she had a great sense of humor..

I thought it was great and so did everyone else, so next time you're in the Magic Kingdom stop by the Barber Shop and ask the cast member to decorate your head with some paint and sparkles...

P.S. Take a picture quickly before it disappears...  ;-)

That's the Mickey Head he was suppose to get

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  1. What a fun story.  Thank you for sharing!  I'm trying to think if my husband would leave it in for the day or not.  He wore the pirate princess Mickey ear hat my daughter got for awhile around the Magic Kingdom because she thought it was funny, so he might... for a little while at least.  haha

  2. Lol! That #Disney cast member must have giggled inside the entire time.  How fun.  May have to talk my husband into getting his hair cut.  Hopefully he won't see this post.

  3. Now that is funny!  I can say my kids would have loved that, which means my husband probably would have kept it in, though I am not sure! :-)  Such a cute story, and bravo to that cast member!! :-)

  4. lol!  That is too hilarious!!!  My husband would do the same thing and wash it out right away.  I'm glad you got pictures!

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing my story. It was a really funny thing to happen but only at Disney can it be magical...