14 February 2012

Arrg!! My Review of Disney's Pirate Rooms

 Staying in a Pirate Room at the Caribbean Beach Resort

 I can't rave enough about how COOL this room was from the plank carpet to the POTC skull on the privacy divider, it made the whole experience fantastic. If you and your family were thinking about staying at the Caribbean Beach resort located near Disney's Hollywood Studios you should.

Hangin at the Beach at CB

1st, a little bit about Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World. This resort has very beautiful landscaping with a tropical theme too it. The colors of the buildings, flowers and plants make it seem like your in the Caribbean. There are 5 different themed countries inside the resort -- Jamaica, Trinidad, Aruba, Barbados and Martinique. Your room is assigned to one of these tropical areas and ours was in Trinidad South. I loved the variety of food at Old Port Royale, it is the main gathering building for food and buying souvenirs and it has definite Caribbean theme in the building. The food also has a Caribbean flare to it and included some healthy choices, your usual kids meals along with steaks, burgers, sandwiches, pizza and more. My kids had no problem finding their favorites (pizza). 

A look at some of the great food

This resort has 6 pools but, the Main One near Old Port Royale Centertown was a incredible. It had water slides, waterfalls and water cannons, a real Pirate/Caribbean feel.

And now to our great room, I was so surprised to see how much detail went into this room but, Hey it's Disney, Right?   From the cool plank carpet to Davy Jones ship. The floor design actually looked like planks on a ship but, it was carpet. Davy Jones' ship, The Flying Dutchman was in the shower, a big carving in stone. You would be amazed at the detail of the carving in this shower wall.

Plank Carpet

Picture this while your showering

The Privacy Screen
The table in the room had Jack Sparrow's compass on it, plus all your room info -- Pizza delivered to your room too.
The table in the room
I love the new addition that I have been seeing in guests rooms. The privacy screen makes your room even more flexible so you can change and shower in privacy. Our room of course had the Jolly Roger on the curtain from The Pirates of the Caribbean, it is so cool.

The refrigerator was a whiskey barrel, which looked just like the ones from the POTC attraction. The creativeness of putting a mini-refrigerator in a barrel was genius. It was very interestingly disgusted.

The Fridge is in a barrel?

And finally the beds were shaped as Pirate ships with a treasure of jewels on the comforters. The whole headboard was designed with the front of the Pirate ship, including lights above the bed were lanterns, a sail and the wheel. My kids just loved it and we had a lot of fun staying here. It's a must do for all pirate fans. And that is the main reason we stayed here. We are huge POTC fans and even though we are DVC members, we wanted to experience this room and see it for ourselves. We were not disappointed, we gave it a big thumbs up..

A Pirate's Bed

Check out these Jewels

Thanks for stopping by and if you have stayed in one of the Pirate Room's would love to get your thoughts..

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  1. We love CBR, but haven't stayed in the pirates room yet.  They look really cool!  My kids would love them.  Now to decide for the next trip - pirate room at CBR or a princess room at Port Orleans! The themed rooms will make it even harder to decide which resort to stay in! :-)

  2. Great review.  We have yet to make our way to POR.  Someday! 

  3. Excellent review.  Thanks for sharing the photos - the room looks like a lot of fun!

  4.  It was  alot of fun. I would also love to stay in the Princess room too. I feel I have to try very room at least once.  lol

  5.  Thanks Mary, This room was so great

  6.  Thanks for stopping by , the room was so awesome