01 May 2012

The Hollywood Tower of Terror Resort

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Peach. Enjoy the ride as we share, If you could have one Disney Parks attraction turned into a resort what would it be and why?

If I could have my wish, I have already dreamed what it would look and feel like if The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror could be a resort and a ride. Well you already know the ride ~ scary movie, holograms and dark dreary looking Hotel. But what if you could actually check in right at the cob webbed front desk.  All the props in the hotel already make it feel real as you walk the cue making your way through.  The book where everyone signs in and the check-in person hits the bell, telling the bell hop it's your turn to be escorted to your room. The dusty covered furniture, low lights and ghostly feel that something wicked happened there and could happen again. I think this would intrigue me even more to want to stay there and solve the mystery.

I can picture all the cast members of the hotel dressed in the Tower of Terror uniforms and the Bell Hop taking up our luggage in the "What if this elevator breaks before we get to our floor. the spinning arrow taking to the 13th floor and watching perhaps all on a screen as we ascend upstairs.

What is your favorite attraction that you wish might someday be on Disney's list to be the next Resort.

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  1. I love this idea!  This would definitely make a very fun resort.

    Christina @ Disney in Our Blood

  2.  Thanks Christina, I wish they would do it..

  3. And no 13th floor!!!!  This is a great concept Diane- I LOVE the Peach prompt this month; it really gets the creative juices flowing.  :D

  4. That is the perfect attraction for a resort hotel!!!

  5.  Thanks Donna -- I know I would love it to happen....

  6. I think the original concept WAS to make this a hotel.. shame it didn't work out! Spooky - not sure I'd stay there!

  7.  Thanks Crystal and Bryan It would be awesome;-)

  8. What a fun idea! I'd stay there!