23 August 2012

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit ~ Disney's First Cartoon

I just wanted to share this with you from the D23 website, Oswald is one of my favorite characters and I love seeing him again, so glad he's back where he belongs. I recently found a stuffed animal of him at the Disney Store and loved it. He is so cute. Hope you enjoy this page about him... :-)

Dateline Disney: 1927

08.20.12 – When Oswald—Disney’s first wildly popular cartoon character—was lost to Universal in 1928, so were his chances of becoming better known to the rest of the Disney family.

After only 26 cartoons made by Walt Disney Studios, Walt lost half his staff and the rights to Oswald in a disagreement involving three par­ties: Walt Disney Studios, producer Charles Mintz of Winkler Produc­tions, and Universal Distribution. Mintz wished for Walt and his staff to work for Winkler, but Walt, know­ing what that could mean for the future of his beloved Walt Disney Studios, chose to remain independent. And instead, he gave up Oswald.
Quick with a comeback, Walt’s next project, Mickey Mouse, proved to be a far more successful and ap­pealing character—an evolved, happier version of Oswald. And while Mickey’s success has flour­ished with age, Oswald’s career abruptly ended when Universal shelved him in 1951.
Flash forward to 2003 where the legal negotiations get crazy. Monday Night Football was moved from ABC to ESPN, and legendary sportscaster Al Michael’s on-air partner John Madden left to work for NBC. Al, too, was offered a job at NBC. Disney agreed to let Al break his contract, but with one caveat: NBC Universal was to hand over the rights to Walt’s long-lost Oswald.
Above is an advertisement from Oswald’s first year, before that earlier partnership went awry. Dis­ney’s early struggle with Oswald reveals the growing pains—and the learning curve—of a newly formed company. And you have to wonder… if it had all started with a rabbit, would we still have our iconic mouse? One thing’s for sure: We’re happy Oswald is back.

By D23′s Billy Stanek

These pics were taken at Disney Store in New York City!!

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